Real lives, real decisions

Explore how four different people used financial advice to make life's biggest decisions.

Introducing the participants

Can you see yourself?

What’s financial advice really like? When should you seek it? And what can it do for you? For the first time, we open the door on the advice process so you can see for yourself.

Four people at key stages in their lives are about to take some very big decisions. To help them out, we found them four independent advisers with specialist expertise. Come and watch as they take on challenges that range from buying a first home to planning for retirement. Whatever your own stage of life or career, and whatever big decisions you face yourself, these short videos are eye-openers. These are Advice Lives.

The young professional
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The first-time buyer
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The investor
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The later-life planner
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Please note that these videos show only highlights of much longer advice sessions which were tailored to the needs of the clients who agreed to appear in them. You should not make any decisions for your own financial requirements based on these videos but instead seek independent financial advice for recommendations appropriate to your own circumstances.