Mergers & acquisitions


Would you like your business to grow?  One way to expand is to consider merging with another business, or making a strategic acquisition.  In both cases, it will be important to have advice and support from your accountants, solicitors and a financial adviser.

There are some excellent reasons for considering a merger or an acquisition as a strategy for growth.  Your own business may not have access to the customers, distribution channels or systems that a merger or acquisition could provide; you’ll be bringing additional skills and knowledge to your company; you could reduce your costs and overheads – and it may be cheaper to develop products and services through new arms of your business than starting from scratch.

But there are some serious considerations, too.  There’s the possibility that companies won’t perform as well as expected or projected reductions in cost don’t appear.  You’ll also need to think about the impact on your current business – and your employees.  Having said that, company mergers or acquisitions signal an exciting period of transition for you and your business.

With support from a team of professional advisers, you’ll be well prepared to deal with the administration of a merger or acquisition – things like ‘due diligence’, which looks at your target business’s structure and affairs in detail.  Use our search tool to find professionals with experience of mergers, acquisitions and due diligence, in your area.

Questions you might like to ask your team of professionals…

  • How long do you think the merger or acquisition will take?
  • What’s the best way for us to structure the new business?
  • Will you help negotiate the terms of the merger?
  • How much will your advice on this process cost?