Here are some of the most common questions you may have about Unbiased. If you have any queries that aren't listed below, please contact us free on 0800 023 6868 or email [email protected].

Commonly asked questions

What can Unbiased do for me?

Unbiased empowers people to make confident financial decisions, from buying a house to planning for retirement. Not only can we connect you quickly and easily to the best experts, we can also help you choose the right type of advice to help you achieve your goals.

What professionals/services can I find on Unbiased?

If you’re ready to speak to someone, we can match you to a fully regulated financial adviser, mortgage broker or accountant. If you’d prefer to explore your options, you can chat things through with a financial coach or compare the best products to manage yourself. Or a mix of everything.

What does this word mean? Do you have a glossary?

If you come across a financial or technical term that you don’t fully understand, you can look up what it means in our Glossary.

Can I get free advice?

Your first meeting with an adviser is usually free of charge. However, if you want full professional advice then you will be charged a fee by the adviser. Find out more about the cost of advice. You can find plenty of free guidance on the Unbiased website, in the form of tips and guides on Life’s Biggest Decisions. However, this is general information only and should not be considered advice.

Can I meet with a professional before deciding to hire them?

Yes, it’s usual to have a free first meeting with a professional before engaging their services. At the meeting, your chosen professional will explain what they can offer you, while you can ask them any initial questions. It’s a good idea to discuss their fees up front, and to ask what value you can expect to get in return.

Find out more about preparing for your first meeting with a financial adviser.

When can I expect a reply from my matched adviser?

You can expect a reply within one business day, usually it’s sooner. If you’ve not been contacted within 2 business days, please contact us at [email protected] or 0800 023 6868 and we will investigate this further.

How can I see the progress of my enquiry?

We aim to find you an adviser within 2 business days, however if you’re unsure of what stage your enquiry is at you can track progress in your free account. To see the progress of your enquiry, please log into your account here: https://v2.unbiased.co.uk/consumer/login

Where and how can I use the directory to do my own search?

To find a list of advisers, please click here: https://www.unbiased.co.uk/advisers/. Please review the filters at the top of the page to narrow the results. Then click on ‘Find Advisers’, this will then generate a list of advisers filtered by your requirements.

How can I contact a chosen adviser in the directory?

Once you’ve found an adviser in the directory, click on their profile. You will be able to see more information on the company, what they specialise in and the services they offer. To contact them, use the bar in the right-hand column to either make an enquiry or to call the firm directly.

What's the difference/advantages between being matched versus going through the directory?

There are two ways to find an adviser on Unbiased. One way is to use our matching tool which is the best and quickest way to find the right adviser for you. Just tell us what kind of help you need, and we’ll then pass your details onto the most suitably matched adviser, who will contact you via telephone and email, usually within 2 business days (often it’s much quicker).

Alternatively, if you would like to research and select an adviser of your own choosing, you can browse our directory. Enter your postcode to see a list of advisers in order of distance from you, with more information on the company, what they specialise in and the services they offer. To contact them, use the bar in the right-hand column to either make an enquiry or to call the firm directly.

Where and how is my information stored?

The information you provide when filling out an enquiry or creating an account is stored securely by us. The secure server software encrypts all the information you provide. Please read our privacy policy for a full explanation.

I'm concerned about nuisance calls/my data, will this happen if I use your site?

Your contact information is only shared with the adviser you are matched to, so expect to be contacted by them. We do not share your data with anyone else.

How does Unbiased work?

Unbiased connects you with the UK’s biggest selection of financial advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants, and bookkeepers. You can find advisers either through our extensive directory or get matched to the right adviser by filling a quick form.

Can I submit more than one enquiry?

You can submit 1 enquiry per area of advice, so for example, you can submit an enquiry for pension advice at the same time as an enquiry for remortgage advice. You can’t submit more than 1 enquiry relating to the same category, e.g., financial planning and investments.

Can I boost my chances of finding the right expert?

The following tips should help you achieve the best match with our Find Me An Expert service.
1. Read the advice categories carefully to choose the one(s) most relevant to you.
2. When specifying your level of savings / assets / mortgage, be as accurate as you can. Think about any assets you may have overlooked, such as old pensions.
3. Enter more details of your enquiry in the free text box provided. If there’s any important financial information you haven’t yet included (e.g. income, other assets) it really helps to include that information here.

All the information you provide is completely secure and is never shared with third parties. It will only be seen by the professional matched to you once they have accepted your enquiry.

How can I cancel/edit my enquiry once submitted?

Please contact customer services to make changes or to cancel your enquiry.

How best can I prepare for my initial meeting with my adviser?

What can I expect in the initial meeting?

Your first contact with your financial adviser will probably be on the phone – and it’s a good opportunity to clarify the details about what you need and to get the best out of your session so that neither of you waste your time.

Before you do anything else, ask your adviser to tell you the name of their firm, and check that it’s the one named in the email you’ve received from Unbiased. This ensures it’s not a cold caller and is the FCA-regulated firm that Unbiased has found for you.

Once you’ve confirmed the adviser’s identity, give a quick recap of your reasons for wanting to speak to them. The adviser will then tell you whether or not they can help, and you can arrange a mutually convenient time and place to meet. Many advisers will agree to come and see you at your home or workplace.

Read more information about how to prepare for your initial meeting.

How much does it cost to receive advice (cost of advice tool)?

Use the cost of advice tool to work out what you can expect to pay on average. The adviser will outline the costs of their services to you, however your initial consultation with your adviser is free.

Are your services free?

Our services are free to you. We are a subscription service for advisers and charge advisers a fee based on the value of your enquiry, which an adviser can choose to accept or reject based on their own criteria and availability.

Do advisers advise on bridging loans/short-term loans?

Advisers will speak to you based on the information you supply in your enquiry form. If bridging or short-term loans are part of your enquiry and it is accepted, speak to your financial adviser about these in your initial meeting.

You couldn't match me. What should I do next?

The most likely reason you haven’t been matched is that there wasn’t enough information supplied within your enquiry, or the asset value given in your enquiry is not high enough to be accepted. Here’s a few tips to help you submit a good enquiry.

Not been matched? Please check out other solutions which might be useful.

I'm having trouble submitting my enquiry/tech issue.

Please contact our customer service team on 0800 023 6868 or at [email protected]

How can I trust the adviser matched with me? (FCA validated, etc)

All advisers on the Unbiased platform are FCA accredited. You can also check accreditations and professional qualification, along with reviews through the company directory and on the official FCA website’s register.

How can I access the Consumer App/login/change/forgotten my password?

Go to unbiased.co.uk and click on “my account” to login to access your account or change your password.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

Can I use your site if I'm not based in the UK?

Most regulated financial advisers are not able to provide financial advice to those based outside the UK, however, there are IFA’s on our directory who can provide advice to expatriates and those based abroad. Please visit our expatriate section.

How can I unsubscribe/request a GDPR erasure of my data?

If you’re receiving emails from Unbiased, you will find an option to unsubscribe from marketing and service communications at the bottom of the email.

Unsubscribe image

If you can’t find the link, feel free to email [email protected].

How can I find out who I have been matched with?

When we’ve found a professional who’s a good match for you, we’ll send you an email and a notification on your Unbiased account (and on our app, if you’re using that).

Your professional will receive a request to contact you as soon as possible. This will usually be by phone, so please expect a call at their earliest opportunity. Check your email to find out the name of the firm that will contact you so that you can be confident that you are speaking with the right firm.

How can I contact the adviser I've been matched with?

Please log into your account here to access your enquiry and profile. You will have the option to click: Chat with Adviser or Call Now to reach them directly.

How can I make complaint/submit feedback?

Please email [email protected] with your feedback and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.

Financial coaching

What’s a financial coach and how much do they cost?

A financial coach is an expert trained to look at your financial situation and help you plan to reach your goals. Coaching prices vary depending on the coach and their experience but generally are less expensive than traditional advice because they serve a different purpose. Read more info

What’s the difference between financial coaching and financial advice?​

Financial advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and provide advice and product recommendations.  Financial coaches are not regulated, therefore are unable to give you product recommendations or regulated advice. A financial coach can talk to you about your financial goals, understand where you may be struggling to change behaviours towards money and work with you to create a plan to start working towards your financial goals. Read more info

How would I know if I need coaching or advice?​

If you’re a financial beginner, coaching is ideal. Financial coaches aim to inform and empower you by explaining your options clearly so you can feel confident in making your own financial decisions.  If your needs are more complex or you want a product recommendation, a financial adviser might be more suitable. Find out more

Are financial coaches regulated?​

No, financial coaches are not regulated.  However, coaching businesses such as Claro Money and others often have a qualified Financial Planner overseeing their coaching services to ensure information and guidance provided are of a consistently high standard.  You can check whether this is the case on their website before you start any coaching sessions for peace of mind.  Read more info

How much information would I have to disclose to the financial coach?​

Typically, your financial coach aims to help you clarify your financial goals, explain your options and help create a plan to achieve them. The more information you feel comfortable sharing about your financial goals and ambitions, the more fruitful your session will be. Read more info

What happens with the data that I share with a financial coach?​

You should discuss with your financial coach how any data you share will be treated before you begin.

What are the likely outcomes I can expect from financial coaching?​

By the end of your coaching session (you may need more than one), you should be creating positive habits around money to meet your goals and have a financial plan to help achieve them.   Read more info

How many sessions would I have to commit to and is the session in person or online?​

You should discuss this with your financial coach before booking any coaching sessions so you are clear on how sessions will be delivered and how many might be needed.

What information should I have ready for my initial session?​

Prior to the meeting, your financial coach is likely to ask you questions about your personal situation including income, expenditure, assets and liabilities and your financial goals to have some context and prepare for your session.  You might also consider having to hand a summary of your savings account balances plus information on your pension and investments you hold so your session can focus on discussing what is important to you rather than spending a lot of time asking you for information.  You should never disclose any personal account details such as account numbers or passwords.

What areas of my financial situation can coaching help with?​

A financial coach works with you to understand your financial goals, behaviour and thinking by taking a holistic view of your financial situation.  So, for example, they will ascertain if you’re a saver or a spender or if you like sticking to a budget to help empower and give you confidence to make your own financial decisions. Read more info

Are there any areas that financial coaching cannot help with?​

Yes.  If you are looking for financial advice rather than guidance and specific product recommendations, your financial coach would not be able to help you with this and you would need to speak to a regulated financial adviser. Find out more

Product comparison tables

How can I filter the information so that it's more relevant for my needs?​

This isn’t currently possible but will be available soon.  Currently, we have selected 15 of the most recognised ISA brands for you to review.

What are the benefits of product comparison tables versus financial coaching?​

Product comparison tables will suit you if you know exactly what you want, you’ve done your research and you're confident making your own financial decisions. ​Financial coaching will suit you if you’re unsure what you want and you want to understand the options available so you can feel more in the decisions you may need to make.

I'd prefer to speak to a real person about my situation, is that still possible?

Yes, we can help you find the right financial adviser for your needs.  Use our match service now.