Discover financial advice

We have enabled millions of people in the UK to find an unbiased financial adviser. On this page you can find out all about financial advice, what it is, whether you might need it, how much it costs, what the benefits are – and much more.

Should I seek financial advice?

You will probably face at least a few big financial decisions in your life, such as buying a home, starting a pension and planning your retirement. Getting these right can have huge long-term benefits, but the consequences of mistakes can be severe. Seeking advice on these choices is always helpful and often essential (for some kinds of retirement planning it may be a legal requirement).

Any plans that could involve significant amounts of money may be a reason to seek financial advice. You don’t need to be a high earner to benefit from expert help with saving, investing and planning for the future. Many advisers can deliver value for money regardless of your level of wealth.

Download our introduction to financial advice.

How much does advice cost?

The definition of good financial advice is that it costs you less than the benefits it delivers – but what can you expect to pay for it now? Take a look at our Cost of Advice guide to see average prices in the UK for a range of common advice scenarios. Actual fees may vary, but this is a useful yardstick.

What can financial advice do for me?

Financial advice can make a big difference at any stage of your life or career. Starting a pension, starting a family, buying a house, setting up a business, investing for the future, protecting your family, planning your retirement… the list goes on. But a good story beats a list any day – so discover the value of advice in these fascinating true-life tales.

How to search for a financial adviser

At you can search from the widest choice of independent and whole-of-market advisers in the UK. In a few clicks you can call up a shortlist of local advisers, then narrow it down to the ones who offer the services you’re looking for. Just follow the simple instructions.

What to ask a financial adviser

When you have used the adviser search to find a shortlist of three or four likely advisers, it’s time to contact each adviser firm to find out more about them. This is the time to use our adviser checklist, which covers all the key questions you may need to ask.

Introductions to advice – special offers

Look out for advisers who offer one or more of the special offers. These offer an exclusive free opportunity to find out whether advice could bring you value for money. Offers include free checks on your pension, investments and general financial health, with £50 off any follow-up advice, and free mortgage reviews are available too.