Questions to ask

It’s a good idea to contact a number of financial advisers before engaging one. Feeling that you can trust your adviser to act in your best interests is as important as their qualifications and experience.

Here are a few of the key questions to bear in mind:

What will the first meeting involve?

The initial meeting will usually be getting to know you, your financial aims and objectives and where you’d like to end up in the long term. The adviser will establish the parameters of the advice, what they can and can’t do, the costs involved and whether the relationship is likely to work over the long term.

What will we discuss?

It is worth having an idea of your future financial aims and objectives. It may be as basic as providing for children, paying for school fees and ensuring a comfortable retirement. Or it could be something more exciting, such as moving abroad or buying a yacht.

What should I prepare?

You’ll have to complete a ‘fact find’ – a form that takes all your relevant personal details and other information your adviser needs in order to be able to work on your behalf. It might be worth asking for this in advance, so you don’t take up time in your meeting filling it in.

You'll find all these questions and more in our adviser checklist. We've created this to help you assess your shortlisted advisers as thoroughly as you can. It also outlines what you can expect from them, and what you need to do to get the most out of the relationship. Check it out now.