Making well-informed financial decisions can have a huge impact on your life. Whether that may be buying a house, investing some cash or planning for your retirement, these are all choices that can benefit from professional advice. And it seems many UK adults agree. Our own research has found that more than half of consumers say they would benefit from seeking whole of market financial advice.

The research, carried out among 2,000 UK adults, found that more than half of Brits thought they would benefit from seeking financial advice. Those in their 30s acknowledged the biggest need for advice, with 59 per cent seeing the benefit of seeking professional, independent advice.

Most popular areas of advice

So, what kind of areas stood out? Overall, private pensions, mortgages and stocks and shares ISAs topped the nation’s wish-list of areas they would like help on from a financial adviser. But among those in their 30s, the need for mortgage advice was greatest. For the ‘at retirement’ generation (60-69 year olds), annuity purchases topped the list.

Looking for an adviser?

As Karen Barrett, CEO at comments: “Most people wouldn’t consider fixing their car or doing legal work for their house purchase without professional help, so why should finances be any different?”

If you are one of the many consumers who see the value in seeking professional advice, what should your next steps be?

Search for an adviser using the postcode search. Then don’t be afraid to ‘shop around’. Many advisers will happily meet you for free initially, to get to know your aims and objectives. In order to help you shop around, we’ve put together a checklist outlining what you can expect, what questions to ask and much more. Download the checklist for free.

Making the right decisions

A qualified expert can help you make the right choices on some of the most important decisions of your life, can save you time and money and can give you confidence that your finances are being looked after well. Like all other professional services financial advice will cost you money but the ongoing benefits outweigh the cost. Each of us has different financial priorities and a chat with an adviser using our checklist can be the first step in helping you identify the ‘right’ financial adviser to tackle your finances.