How to get a mortgage

Your mortgage survival kit

Are you confident that you’ll be offered the mortgage you want? Or are you worried that your mortgage provider might not agree to lend you the amount you need? Being sure of your own ability to afford it is not the same thing as convincing a lender and meeting their rigorous criteria. But 80 per cent of applicants who prepare by taking professional advice are approved first time.


To maximise your chances of securing the best possible mortgage, use our mortgage application checklist.

The Mortgage Survival Kit will help you prepare for that all-important meeting with your mortgage broker and address the common obstacles that can slow an application down.

The Mortgage Survival Kit covers all the key questions you need to ask yourself (and your adviser) before you approach mortgage lenders. Prepare for your application, decide on the right mortgage for you, and ensure you don’t miss out anything important!


If you’re trying to get a good mortgage deal, a lot depends on your credit score. You can check your score, see how it might affect your prospects and even find out how to improve it at Experian CreditExpert...