Right to Buy mortgages

If you have lived in a property provided by a housing association, public body, or the armed-services in England then you can apply for the Right to Buy scheme.  It is a scheme to help council tenants buy their house at a discounted price.  

Tenants have to be secure tenants who have lived in social housing for at least five years – not necessarily consecutively, and can only buy the house if it their main home and it is self-contained.  As of April 2014, the maximum right to buy discount is £75,000, except in London boroughs where it's £100,000. These discounts are dependent on factors including the length of your tenancy, and the location and the type of your property.

The rules in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all different and you should be able to find information about eligibility and discounts from national government websites.

To find out more about the Right to Buy scheme and see if you are eligible find a mortgage adviser here.

Questions you might like to ask a mortgage adviser…

  • Can I join the right to buy scheme with my partner?
  • Will I need to put down a deposit?
  • When I sell my house do I have to sell it back to the council?