Moving in with your partner

For most couples, moving in together is the start of a new chapter and is an exciting time.  Living together as a couple can mean taking on new responsibilities, so it’s important to consider what these new changes will mean.

Moving in together is a big commitment, so it’s a good idea to make sure you understand your rights. It’s important to know that living together doesn’t automatically grant rights to one partner over the other’s property or possessions.  For example if you move into a property that your partner owns, then you could be asked to leave at any time and if they decided to sell the property you won’t be entitled to any sale proceeds unless you can prove you have contributed significantly to mortgage payments or household expenses.

It’s worth getting some advice from a financial adviser when moving in with a partner to make sure you understand all of your rights. Financially, they can also help to plan how you will manage your household bills and expenses as well as advise you about joint savings and investments.  Find an independent financial adviser here.

Questions you might like to ask an IFA…

  • Is it best to keep our financial affairs separate?
  • Could we benefit in any way from setting up joint accounts?
  • What happens to the property if one of us should die?
  • Will our tax position be affected if we’re living together but not married?