Moving into rental property

Moving into a rental property gives you the freedom of moving house without the stresses of buying or selling property.  It’s also a great way to start out – for example if you are living on your own for the first time.

Whether you are on your own, moving in with friends, or a partner, as a prospective tenant in a rental property there’s a number of things to think about before choosing a property.  In addition to things like, ‘how much rent can I afford to pay?’ and ‘do I need a furnished property?’ you will need to consider what type of tenancy you are looking for – short term, long term, assured shorthold, or assured.

Your letting agent (this could be the housing association, local authority, a specialist letting agency, or a private landlord’s solicitor) should explain every detail of your contract to you.  Understanding the details whenever you’re moving to a different property is important, so that you’re aware of your rights and responsibilities.  Find out more about landlord and tenant rights here.

Getting expert advice and knowing your rights when moving into a rental property can help you to feel comfortable with the agreement you are putting in place, so you can enjoy life in your new home with no distractions.  You might find it worthwhile to get a solicitor to talk you through the tenancy agreement or lease documentation so that you understand what it all means.  Once you’ve done that, most agreements follow a very similar format, so you should find that initial advice is money well spent.  Find a solicitor in your local area.

Questions you might like to ask a letting agent or solicitor…

  • How much notice will I need to give if I want to leave?
  • How much will I have to pay towards bills?
  • What happens if the roof leaks or the boiler breaks down?
  • Who looks after my deposit and how do I get it back?
  • What restrictions are there on things like having pets or smoking in the property?