How to use the professional adviser search on

As the advice marketplace we bring you the UK’s biggest adviser search. Ready to begin?

In the box at the top of this screen, choose the kind of adviser you want: financial adviser, mortgage adviser, solicitor or accountant. Now just enter your postcode in the other box and click Search.

You’ll see a list of advisers, ranked in order of distance from your postcode. Assuming that you’ve found several within easy reach, you may then wish to refine your search to find the best adviser for your needs.

To the left of your list you will see filters. To narrow down the list, check the appropriate boxes under the filters you want to use. For example, if you want advice on a pension pot worth £50,000 or less, go to Your pension value and check the box £0 - £50,000 to include only the advisers who offer this service.

There are many other filters to let you refine the list by advice area, payment options, qualifications, special offers etc. Try them out and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Very soon, you’ll have a shortlist of advisers you’d like to contact. To ensure that your final choice is the best one, use our adviser checklist.

Regional search

You can also perform a regional search, which you can refine down to the city of your choice or a maximum distance from the postcode you enter. You can toggle between a simple list of results and a map view which flags the locations of advisers.