Life events

There are many moments in your life where you may find it helpful to seek professional advice. 

Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’ll want to look after yourself and those who depend on you for support – your children, your loved ones, and perhaps even your parents in later life.  Focusing on your own finances, understanding how your money is looked after, and planning your financial security is a really good way to be confident that you’re best prepared for the future.

Unfortunately, it’s usually the tough times that make us question our finances most.  A divorce or bereavement for example will always bring the importance of financial planning sharply into focus.  On the other hand, there are also good times to think about.  Getting married, job promotions, children’s holidays, and time spent with family are excellent reasons for checking that you have your financial matters in hand.

We’ve been asking people what their most important life stages are, and at what moments they seek professional advice. 

The nation’s most significant life events 

People in the UK said the top five most important events in their lives have been: 

  1. Starting a family
  2. Getting married
  3. Getting a new job
  4. Buying a first home
  5. Retiring

The nation’s top advice moments 

However, the most common life events for which people seek advice are: 

  1. Buying a first home
  2. Buying a subsequent home
  3. Starting a pension
  4. Investing in a Buy to Let property
  5. Starting a business 

At any significant moment in life, it is important to think about the financial implications.  How can you make your money work as hard as possible?  What can you do to ensure your family's financial security in years to come?  How best to set up your pension to prepare for retirement? 

A financial adviser can advise you at all of life's key decision points, not just the more obvious ones. This will help you to make each choice with greater confidence, and prepare more effectively for the future. 

Need help with life's big decisions? We can put you in touch with experts who can advise you on a whole range of significant events in your life to help you keep control of your finances – from an independent financial adviser (IFA) who can help to plan your finances for the future, to a solicitor who’ll help to guide you through complicated issues such as divorce and separation.  By reading our pages, you’ll feel more confident when you’re asking experts for advice.  To find a financial adviser or solicitor you can use our search tool.