Why choose Unbiased for online accountants?

Unbiased helps over three million people and businesses every year to find the best professionals for them. Our smart system matches accountants to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the right pricing, service levels and areas of accounting expertise. The Unbiased search-and-match service is free to use, with no obligation, so you have complete control over your final choice of accountant. It’s also really quick to find a suitable accountant who’s available to help.

How online accounting helps your business

You can enjoy similar benefits to an in-house accountant, all delivered with the ease of online service. An online accountant found through Unbiased can provide all the key services that a regular accountant can offer, including:


An accountant can give you a true, ongoing picture of your business’s financial position and so enable you to make key decisions and plans with confidence.

Financial reporting

Financial year end reporting is a legal requirement for limited companies. Having a good accountant on board takes away the stress of fulfilling this obligation and minimises the risk of errors.


Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organising the financial information of your business. The benefits of most other accounting services depend on having good bookkeeping.

Tax planning

Your accountant can ensure that your business adopts the most tax-efficient strategies while always paying the right amount of tax – saving money while complying with HMRC.


VAT can be one of the most challenging areas of business tax, and the most time-consuming for non-specialists. An accountant can streamline your VAT processes, reduce costs and optimise your cash flow.


Even if you have only a few employees, payroll can involve a lot of work, and accuracy and reliability is paramount. For this reason, many businesses outsource their payroll function to an accountant.

Raising funding

If your business needs to raise funds via bank loans or investors, then you’ll need both robust accounts and a financially sound business plan – both of which your accountant can help with.

Company secretarial services

Your accountant can double as your company secretary, ensuring that you comply with regulatory requirements while also handling other company administration duties.


How do I find the right online accountant ?

The Unbiased matching service can find you the most suitable accountant in moments, and is really simple to use.

1. Choose the type of accounting you need

You can find an accountant for business or personal finances.

2. Specify the main services you want

Select the key services you’ll be needing from your accountant (this isn’t an exclusive list, just an indication of your main priorities).

3. Give some more info about your business

Tell us a bit about your business (e.g. turnover, number of employees, how often you need services).

4. Enter any more relevant information

Add any further details that you think will help us find the ideal online accountant for you.

We’ll do the rest! Our smart system will identify a selection of online accountants who fit your business best, and you can pick your favourite. This accountant will then contact you directly for an introductory meeting at no obligation.

  • Can an online accountant do everything that an in-house accountant can?

    Any online accountant that you find through Unbiased will belong to a reputable firm, will be fully qualified, and will be able to deliver the full range of services that you require. The only difference is that you will interact with them remotely, either online or by phone.

  • Will my online accountant be a single dedicated professional?

    In your first conversation with your accountant, you can have them confirm that the same individual will be dealing with your accounts, and that you won’t be passed from person to person. In this way you can be assured of continuity of service and an accountant who genuinely knows your business.

  • Can I outsource only part of my accounting function to an online accountant?

    These days, many businesses use bookkeeping and accounting software to handle some accounting processes in-house, and bring in a specialist accountant only for the more complex tasks. If you wish to do this, discuss your needs with the accountant in your first online meeting, as you may be able to reduce their fee.

  • How much will an online accountant cost?

    You can find out some typical costs of accounting services on our page How much do accountants charge? An accounting service delivered online may be slightly cheaper than average, though not necessarily – as fees are more dependent on the accountant’s experience and quality of service.  

  • What software should I use if I have an online accountant?

    Most accountants in the UK use well-known software packages such as Sage, Quickbooks, Xero and FreeAgent, and many small businesses use these too. The different packages are not always fully compatible with one another, so be sure to ask any prospective accountant which package they favour. If you use the same software for your bookkeeping, it should make your accountant’s job more straightforward and hopefully help to keep their fees lower.  

  • Do I need an online accountant?

    When your business is very small, it can make sense to handle the bookkeeping and reporting duties yourself, or hire an accountant only on an ad-hoc basis. However, as your business grows – and especially if you have significant growth plans – the regular services of a qualified accountant will soon become essential. If you find that handling the finances is starting to occupy time that ought to be spent running the business, then it’s time to consider finding an accountant.