Find a mortgage adviser

How do you find the best mortgage adviser for you? It’s important to choose someone you can trust to help you make this major financial decision.

Our online search can give you a shortlist of qualified, whole-of-market advisers near you. If you wish you can refine your search with filters, for instance to find advisers with expertise in particular mortgage types.

When you have narrowed down your list to three or four, contact each one to discuss your mortgage needs. This is the time to use our mortgage survival kit. It will walk you through the best possible preparation for your mortgage application, while covering all the points you may need to raise with your adviser.

Ask each adviser the same questions so you can compare them objectively. How do they charge? Will they negotiate on price? Are they independent? (If you found them on this site, they should be.) Can they source direct deals? (Direct deals may offer special rates or discounts.) Do they offer any other services? Also ask them in detail about any mortgages they recommend, and have them explain what makes this deal most suitable for you.

When you have identified your favourite adviser, show them your completed mortgage survival kit to help them give you the best possible advice.