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Feb 22
Managing your money through Brexit

If the UK is leaving the European Union, what – if anything – might be the knock-on effect on the money in your pocket, and on your long-term financial plans? Adrian Kidd, lifestyle financial planner at Radcliffe & Newlands, makes some predictions and offers some expert tips.

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Feb 21
Leave or Remain? The final salary pension decision

Final salary pensions may be gold-plated, but are you also sitting on a transferrable gold mine? Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth weighs up the pros and cons of transferring to a personal pension, and offers a way to calculate your potential benefits.

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Feb 16
Mapping your retirement journey

Retirement isn’t the end – it’s just another beginning. Join us as we explore the highways and byways of retirement income planning with our trusty guide Billy Burrows.

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Feb 08
Pension planning in an uncertain world

How can you plan your income for the next twenty-five years or more when you don’t know what next week will bring? What price security in such a fast-changing world? Pensions expert Billy Burrows returns with insights to help you take back control.

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Feb 01
'You forgot your tax return again...?'

Early estimates suggest that more than 800,000 people missed the self-assessment deadline this year. Were you one of them? What was your excuse? And how can you make sure that you aren't late next time?

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Jan 25
Leave a tax-free legacy of (eventually) £1 million

You may have heard that the rules around inheritance tax (IHT) are changing with regard to family homes. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth shows you how to calculate your new IHT liability on your main residence – and so achieve a ‘successful succession’.

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Jan 24
What happens in a pension transfer?

If you’re one of the many people with a defined benefit (final salary) pension scheme, you may be aware of the option to transfer it into another kind of pension. But this is a risky strategy and you should never do it without seeking advice. So we couldn’t believe our luck when IFA Ajay Khosla of Cockburn Lucas decided to transfer his own pension, and tell us all about it.

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Jan 17
Using our Connect tool to find your ideal adviser

Searching for an adviser can be daunting if you aren’t sure what to look for, or what kind of advice is available. The Unbiased Connect tool is designed to make the process quick and simple, so here’s a brief guide to using it in the most effective way. Choosing to seek financial advice is a

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Jan 16
10 tips for building your investment portfolio

Warren Buffett once said, ‘Investing is simple – but not easy.’ Carolyn Gowen of Bloomsbury Wealth offers ten simple tips to make investing that little bit easier – whoever you are. In investing there are no absolute right or wrong answers, only better or worse solutions.  Better solutions are founded in a process that encompasses

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Jan 12
Beware when buying income protection online

We all love price comparison sites – but they can let you down when you’re looking for suitable income protection. The biggest price comparison sites risk misdirecting visitors to unsuitable PPI cover or policies that offer only ‘suited occupation’ cover, says Tom Conner of Drewberry. More and more consumers are waking up to the need