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Oct 13
Annuity or drawdown? Make a calculated choice

Some people want the security of an annuity – others, the flexibility of drawdown. But how can you decide which is better? Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth shows you a simple way to compare these retirement options side by side.

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Oct 06
Do I want defined benefits – or flexibility?

If you have a defined benefit pension, you may be offered a very tricky choice. Stay in the scheme, or take a riskier but more flexible option? What’s right for your colleague may not be right for you. Armstrong Watson Financial Planning shows you how to approach this decision.

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Sep 01
When a long marriage breaks up

Divorce at any age is a traumatic event – but one that happens in later life may be even more so. Untangling the finances of a long-married couple can be a highly delicate process requiring expert advice – as Morven Millar of Gresham Wealth Management explains.

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Jul 27
The best questions to ask your adviser

…and the best answers to look for. When finding a financial adviser, especially outside the UK, it’s easy to get bewildered and accept what you’re told. But now the Unbiased-listed Montfort International have developed their own definitive guide to the questions you should be asking your financial adviser.

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Jul 19
‘Defined benefits’ – why you definitely need pension advice

Have you been offered the chance to transfer your defined benefit (final salary) pension? But do they insist that you take advice first? Then be glad about that – because it’s for your own protection.

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Jul 17
5 tips for brilliant bookkeeping

If it’s your goal to grow a thriving business, it’s vital to have a safe pair of hands handling the accounts. Inaccurate bookkeeping can harm your business and can even result in severe penalties – but having strong financial statements can save you in many different ways.

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Jul 14
Unpicking the State Pension ‘triple lock’

Whenever the government or the media talk about the State Pension, you’ll generally hear the phrase ‘triple lock’ being used. It sounds like a good thing, and it is - but not everyone knows exactly what it means. IFA Carl Roberts of Wealth and Tax Management unlocks its mysteries.

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Jul 10
Smart scenario planning for SMEs

It used to be the preserve of big businesses – using sophisticated financial models to plot possible future business outcomes. But modern accounting is levelling the playing field. Rachel Lawrence of accountants Albert Goodman LLP explains why scenario planning isn’t just for the big boys.

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Jul 07
Home-owning dreams can come true

For years the property ladder has been rising further out of ordinary peoples’ reach. But the latest figures are a ray of light, showing first home purchases at their highest for 10 years. Martin Stewart of London Money hails the comeback of first time buyers – and throws in a free buyer’s guide too.

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Jun 30
'EU pension' promises saving on the move

Europeans have a pension problem – just 27 per cent of those under 59 have any pension savings at all. But plans are afoot for a pan-European personal pension (PEPP) – designed for those whose work takes them through multiple EU countries.