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Jan 17
Will my workplace pension be protected?

The collapse of Carillion has once again drawn attention to the pension schemes of companies that go into adminstration. Following similar cases at BHS and Tata Steel, members of the Carillion scheme will need to be moved into the Pension Protection Fund. If you have this kind of pension, can you be sure it will stay afloat?

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Jan 16
Drawdowns and annuities – the rematch

Congratulations – you’re a year closer to retirement. But if it’s imminent, you’ll soon have to decide how you should access your pension pot. With the economic landscape changing all the time, pensions expert Billy Burrows brings us his regular update on the ongoing debate: drawdown or annuity?

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Jan 09
6 better ways to stash your cash

At times of low interest and high inflation, a cash savings account can be a bit like a leaky bucket. But if you don’t like your money losing value over time, what else can you do with it? Daniel Ardern, Chartered Financial Planner at Gresham Wealth Management, talks you through the most practical alternatives.

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Nov 28
Inheritance tax – a tax of choice?

Does it look as if your estate is large enough to be subject to inheritance tax? If you take action soon enough, you may find you have the power to change that. Marcus Dodds, Financial Planning Consultant at Armstrong Watson, explains how.

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Nov 22
Hammond stamps out stamp duty for most first-time buyers

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget brought a windfall for first-time buyers, with a spectacular slashing of stamp duty. Will it finally unclog the UK’s housing market? We look at this and other key announcements from a Budget that focused largely on the young.

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Oct 13
Annuity or drawdown? Make a calculated choice

Some people want the security of an annuity – others, the flexibility of drawdown. But how can you decide which is better? Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth shows you a simple way to compare these retirement options side by side.

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Oct 06
Do I want defined benefits – or flexibility?

If you have a defined benefit pension, you may be offered a very tricky choice. Stay in the scheme, or take a riskier but more flexible option? What’s right for your colleague may not be right for you. Armstrong Watson Financial Planning shows you how to approach this decision.

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Sep 01
When a long marriage breaks up

Divorce at any age is a traumatic event – but one that happens in later life may be even more so. Untangling the finances of a long-married couple can be a highly delicate process requiring expert advice – as Morven Millar of Gresham Wealth Management explains.

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Jul 27
The best questions to ask your adviser

…and the best answers to look for. When finding a financial adviser, especially outside the UK, it’s easy to get bewildered and accept what you’re told. But now the Unbiased-listed Montfort International have developed their own definitive guide to the questions you should be asking your financial adviser.

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Jul 19
‘Defined benefits’ – why you definitely need pension advice

Have you been offered the chance to transfer your defined benefit (final salary) pension? But do they insist that you take advice first? Then be glad about that – because it’s for your own protection.