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Jun 22
Leave your family a pension – not a tax charge!

Many employer pension schemes now include a Death in Service benefit. But should the worst happen, this apparent perk may cause even more grief for your family if you don’t plan ahead. What are the risks and how can you avoid them? Article by Armstrong Watson Financial Planning.

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Jun 20
What happens to your pension when you die?

If you’ve made a will, well done. But the job’s not quite finished yet. Many people don’t realise that wills don’t cover pension pots – so you need to make separate arrangements. Chartered Financial Planner Carl Roberts explains.

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Jun 14
On course for a bigger pension pot

Saving into your pension is known as the ‘accumulation’ phase. How much you can save up depends on many factors – but you have more control over these than you think. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth explains how you should ‘calculate to accumulate’.

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May 18
From student loan to your first pension and mortgage

You go to university because you want a good job and career. But what you won’t necessarily learn is how to adapt to your new life earning money and being financially responsible. Here are the top tips about work and finance that every graduate should know.

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May 15
RIP: Your final financial plan

One of life’s biggest decisions is what happens at the very end of it – and it’s the one we least like to talk about. But with burial and cremation costs not only rising but subject to a postcode lottery, planning here has never been more important.

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May 10
Four very different divorces

Divorces are like car crashes – fascinating, but only from a distance. Furthermore, every divorce is different, with its own challenges and complications. That’s nowhere more apparent than in these famous and infamous cases. New couples, take warning.

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May 05
7 power tips for pension planning

If you think life is looking more and more like Tales of the Unexpected, don’t despair. It’s still possible to take control of your own future – by understanding how pension freedom works. Ian Hartley, financial planning consultant with Armstrong Watson, shares some power tips.

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May 01
How to decide about drawdown

Pension freedom has offered millions more Britons a new way to take income in retirement: drawdown. But most remain unaware of both the potential benefits and the real risks attached. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth puts these pros and cons side by side to help you decide.

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Apr 24
Every tax return tells a story

Is Sherlock Holmes’s hat tax-deductible? Does Mary Poppins claim for professional indemnity insurance? The tax returns of fiction’s greatest heroes and villains have been a closed book – until now! We bring you the most page-turning guide to self-employed expenses you’ll ever read.

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Apr 21
Insurance cold callers? Meet the cure

You know those films in which the muggers attack a defenceless old man, only to discover he’s a kung fu master? A similar sort of shock awaited the poor insurance scammer who cold-called insurance compliance specialist Kathryn Knowles of Cura Special Risks Bureau. Kathryn explains what happened next…