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Aug 16
Your bucket list (with a twist)

Do you have a list of things to do before you die? Then spare a thought for the ones who stand to inherit your worldly goods. If you don’t want them landed with a hefty inheritance tax bill, make sure you include these gems of wisdom in your bucket. Get married! You can’t stay young,

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Jul 12
Your five-minute guide to inheritance tax planning – part 2

In part 1 we covered the basics of inheritance tax and how to reduce it acceptably by making gifts before your death. In part 2, Chartered Financial Planner Michael Roberts delves a bit deeper into some of the more complex areas – where you should definitely look both ways before crossing. The basic principle of

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Jul 11
Your five-minute guide to inheritance tax planning – part 1

What would you prefer to leave your loved ones: a generous legacy or a gigantic bill? Chartered Financial Planner Michael Roberts returns with another of his highly popular guides to personal taxation – this time explaining the complex world of inheritance tax. It might not feel this way, but in recent decades people have been

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Apr 14
Mum really does know best (on inheritance tax)

Stop the Press: David Cameron’s mother gifted him £200,000 in a possible bid to avoid inheritance tax. But what we demand to know is this: why don’t more people do the same? The non-story of the week was the revelation that David Cameron may not have to pay inheritance tax (IHT) on a £200k gift