Planning for your Retirement

Retirement planning should really begin as soon as you start work. Although the government will provide everyone who qualifies with a small state pension, at best this offers only the most basic income, so making your own arrangements is essential.

Types of Retirement Planning

By far the best and most popular form for retirement saving is the pension (either a workplace pension or a personal pension). Other ways you might save for retirement include ISAs, other investments or property. A financial adviser can help you put a detailed plan in place to deliver the income you will need in retirement.

Questions you might like to ask a financial adviser:

  • What charges will I pay on different retirement plans?
  • When I die, what happens to the pension fund I’ve saved?
  • What proportions of my savings are for short term, medium term and long term needs?
  • When can I access my pension funds and what tax might I have to pay?

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