Your Retirement Checklist

The decisions you make at or near retirement will be among the most important of your life. Pension freedom gives you great flexibility, but it also makes your choices complicated and hard to compare against each other. With so many factors to take into account and so much to remember, it’s easy to get confused.

To help you plan, we have created a new retirement checklist in partnership with Prudential. It takes you through the run-up to retirement step by step, so whether your retirement is ten years or ten weeks away, you can discuss your situation confidently with an adviser and make more informed decisions.

Download your countdown to retirement checklist.

Why Prudential is supporting the checklist

Preparing for retirement can be one of life's biggest challenges, as many people face what can be complicated choices. Pension freedom has brought more flexibility but has also increased the complexity of the decisions people must face. So Prudential is pleased to support this checklist as a simple aid to helping people think more clearly about their retirement. We hope it will encourage more people to take independent financial advice both in the run-up to retirement and at the point of retirement itself.m content here