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4 musts for your unbiased.co.uk profile

Is your unbiased.co.uk profile being neglected? Find out how best to give it some TLC and make it more attractive to consumers with these four essentials. These will ensure your business’ unbiased.co.uk profile is looking tiptop.

1. Shout about yourself!

What do you do really well? Tell us! By completing this information will help consumers understand if your business is right for them before they get in contact with you. When a potential client searches in their postcode, the search offers them a list of adviser profiles, which will include a 20-word summary about your business. These 20 words are your chance to grab a consumer’s attention and encourage them to click through to your profile. So don’t forget to fill this in!

2. Add your logos and pictures

A picture paints a thousand words. Don’t leave consumers with a blank box when they search in your postcode. As mentioned earlier, your logo will pop up when a consumer searches in your area, but only if you’ve added one! And once they’ve clicked through to your company’s profile, show them the faces of the advisers in your team. People like to see who they could be working with.

3. Show your social side

Does your business have a website? Do you tweet? Have a profile on LinkedIn? Then make sure you add these to your unbiased.co.uk profile. Potential clients do their research and they’ll look at various sources to understand your services.

4. Refreshing your information is crucial

Google constantly looks for and rewards refreshed and relevant information. By updating your information such as: company description, sales pitch and adviser qualifications, you are allowing Google to make a better match for the types of search queries entered. The more you interact and refresh your profile, the more information search engines have to index, therefore increasing your business ranking, visibility and search results. Refreshing and updating your profile information is key!

Update your profile now. Or upgrade your profile to the enhanced advertising package to unlock these benefits and get your profile looking tiptop.