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How to… make the most of your profile

Every month, thousands of consumers visit unbiased.co.uk looking for a professional adviser. But how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd of businesses profiled on unbiased.co.uk?

Every month, thousands of consumers visit unbiased.co.uk looking for a professional adviser. But how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd of businesses profiled on unbiased.co.uk?

The enhanced advertising package unlocks many additional benefits and features on your profile, including making your profile appear more frequently in search listings, helping your branding to stand out and the opportunity to join the Bluebook. Find out more about how to make the most of your profile using the following steps…
Step 1: Brand your profile

Uploading your business logo to your profile not only makes your profile look more attractive, but it makes your business’ branding consistent across the board and potential clients can instantly recognise your company.
Step 2: Google visibility

Appearing at the top of Google listings is the Holy Grail of search marketing. By making sure your profile is regularly updated and completed in full, your profile is more likely to skip its way up the Google rankings. Add links to your website, social media platforms and your blog. Not only will this boost your unbiased.co.uk company profile in Google, but your own website too. Google will pat you on the back for (what it considers) an “authoritative website” linking into yours and this will help push your own site further up its results.
Step 3: Your face is worth a thousand words

People invest in people, they want to see the face of the person who they’re trusting with their hard-earned cash. Add the names of your advisers and their pictures. Also, make sure you list your advisers’ qualifications, and any company or individual accreditations, as this can reassure potential clients their big life decisions are in safe hands.
Step 4: What makes your business great?

Let potential consumers know your company’s strengths. What areas of advice do you offer? What do you and your colleagues specialise in? Don’t be afraid to give consumers a full brief of why they should choose you.
Equally, including testimonials from your clients will help build a better picture for your prospective ones. Seeing your face and hearing how you’ve help find solutions for other people in the same position, the client will feel they know you and your work before they’ve even stepped in through the door.
Step 5: The little things can be big

The unbiased.co.uk search allows consumers to drill down to factors such as gender and accessibility to your premises. Make sure to also include your preferred client profiles, so the leads you receive are a match for your business. These things may seem like frivolous details, but these things could be important to your potential client and may make all the difference.
Step 6: Location, location, location

Only have one unbiased.co.uk profile? You can add an additional home or office location for every adviser in your company to cover end of the day or early morning clients you see on the way in to the office.
Step 7: Your vital statistics

Zoom in on how often your company has been searched and how many clicks you’ve received. You can either view your monthly listings or your profile’s statistics over the whole year.
And finally: Don’t forget the Bluebook Want to raise your company and personal profile in the press? Bluebook gives you the opportunity to speak directly to national, regional and broadcast journalists when they need comment or case studies. Find out more about how to get involved.

All these benefits are available when you have an enhanced advertising profile on unbiased.co.uk. Find out more about upgrading your account or making the most of these features by calling 0330 1000 755.