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12 Oct 2012

Standards International

Karen sits on the Standards International advisory forum and this week the agenda looked at how ISO and BS (quality standards for individuals and firms providing financial advice) help advisers stand out from the competition and what they mean for consumers.  You can find out more at  We are pleased to announce that from November onwards we will be allowing advisers to show these quality standards on their consumer profiles.

Where there's a will...

Our annual 'Write a will week' is around the corner and this year the week is sponsored by Octopus Investments.  The week aims to raise consumer awareness of the importance of having a will and inheritance tax planning.

Check the press over the coming weeks for stories on will writing and IHT.  October and November will be packed full of stories - last year we identified 60% of UK British adults didn't have a will in place!  Our research has already featured in a recent article in the Independent - with the upcoming media coverage, now is as good a time as any to highlight will writing and tax planning with your own clients.

Advice is knowledge

Our latest press release revealed consumers who took financial advice could be £232 a month better off in retirement.  We also found perhaps unsurprisingly these consumers were far more engaged with their finances, with only 27% claiming to be unaware of the value of their retirement savings.  This compares to the 51% of non-advised consumers who do not know the value of their retirement savings.  The story received coverage in the Telegraph and IFA online

Thank you

Thank you to all of those who participated in our recent survey about the cost of financial advice, we will be making the results of the survey available shortly.



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