Be part of Tax Action 2013

08 Mar 2013

Tax Action 2013 - be part of it!

Next week's annual Tax Action campaign kicks off and this year it's being supported by TaxCalc.  Together we will be identifying the biggest areas of individual consumer tax waste and highlighting the importance of tax planning advice. 

With blogs, an infographic, and lots of social media activity it's going to be an eventful week!  There's lots of opportunities to be part of the campaign and help educate consumers.  Use the #TaxAction hashtag on Twitter, and join in our LinkedIn discussions to share your top tips to avoid tax waste!   You could write an article for your local paper to help raise awareness in your community, or you could use the statistics in your upcoming newsletter to raise awareness with clients.

It's all about social media!

Last week was a busy week for online marketing and social media conferences, and our team have picked up some useful tips and insights to pass onto you.  

  • It's estimated 48% of all adults use social networking sites*, making it a great channel to reach out to prospective and existing clients.  Get involved with's social media activity - with over 3,100 Twitter followers, and 2,300 members in our LinkedIn group, there are plenty of opportunities to get your voice heard!
  • Social media now accounts for 20% of adults' time spent on PCs - so don't miss your chance to be seen.  Make full use of your company social media accounts, or if you don't have any, set them up now!  
  • 30% of time on mobile phones is spent on social media sites** - more than any other activity online! If you're not sure where to start with social media, we have made a useful list of contacts on Twitter including product providers and industry media connections, so go get following.

Don't forget you can share all of your social media links on your profile to help engage with consumers, so make sure you update it with your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook links.  Updating these will contribute to having a full profile and help you to rank better on Google.

Interest rates hold at 0.5%

This week's Bank of England announcements were not the best news for savers!'s recent poll shows 56% of consumers believe there will not be a rise in interest rates until the end of 2017 and only one in five think we will see a rise in the next two years.



The team


*ONS statistics 2012 ** Nielsen and NM Incite Social Media Report 2012

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