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01 May 2015

Check it out: retirement simplified!

Here's a figure for you. Just 18 per cent of people think they are financially on track for retirement, according to our recent research. It's even more striking when you think that most people tend to over-estimate their own knowledge. Pension freedom has muddied the waters even more, making advice in this area more vital than ever. We're helping to open up a clearer path to pension advice with our latest checklist, 'Your Retirement Countdown', created in partnership with Prudential. It encourages people to think systematically about the plethora of options now open to them, as well as offering guidance for the decade leading up to retirement.

You can find the checklist here - it's ideal for sharing with clients.

We're website of the month 

We've had a fantastic first half of the year - not only is unbiased.co.uk breaking records for the number of consumer searches, but we've also had rave reviews from major publications such as the FT Adviser and the Money Observer.  Now we've been crowned website of the month by popular money website Choice Magazine, which highlighted our consumer search and website offers, including our free checks.  So don't miss out while we're riding so high: follow our simple tips for securing more leads.  

  • Share your top financial tips with us on social media hashtag #unbiasedtip
  • Promote the value of advice by sharing our latest research

Our guide to the financial food groups

Do your clients get confused between bonds and equities, or are they tempted to binge on property investment? Here's a tip for promoting a balanced financial diet: A taste of healthy investing. Share this tongue-in-cheek summary with your clients and they'll understand the health benefits of a varied portfolio



Dear Advisers

The introduction of freedom and choice will provide greater options and opportunities for you and your clients when accessing their pension pot. However, despite these changes, most over 50s are still looking for the same things when they retire:


A sustainable income: Try out the free online retirement modeller to help map your clients' retirement income requirements

Consistent investment growth: The PruFund range of funds offers different levels of risk and potential returns to match your clients' risk appetite and capacity for loss. Take a closer look at the PruFund Growth and Cautious Fund performance.

Flexibility in how the access their money: The Flexible Retirement Plan (FRP) will help give you and your clients control and flexibility over how they wish to access their pension fund.

Find out how Prudential can support your conversations with retirement clients, alternatively get in touch with your Prudential Account Manager.  



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