How we get you the very best leads

We combine a variety of marketing methods to attract one million consumer visitors to the site every year.

07 Feb 2014

How we market your business

We combine a variety of marketing methods to attract one million consumer visitors to the site every year.  We're constantly utilising the latest technology: pay per click, SEO and social media, as well as PR and content.  We also place the 'find an adviser' search on popular consumer sites, such as:,, the Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times and and many more.  This all comes together to make sure we're connecting the right consumers with your business.

What you can do…

By making sure all your profile information is up to date and fully utilised, your company may not only show up more frequently on the search, but also through the giant of all searches: Google.

Google loves fresh information, so by regularly updating your profile, you can make sure your business is attracting exactly the right leads.  Update your profile.

Keep connected

Simon Linstead discusses how financial advisers need to keep up their professional relationships up to date--especially contact with accountants, who are often the gatekeepers when it comes to topics like auto-enrolment.  Read Simon's article.

Updated qualifications

We are continually adding new and relevant qualifications to your profiles to help ensure you are always able to display your credentials to searching consumers.  New to the list this month are: Chartered Member of the Institute of Financial Services (CMIFS) and Associate of the Institute of Financial Planning (AIFP).  Make sure you've updated your profile with all your advisers' qualifications and business accreditations.  Update your profile.

The team


26 days to the breadline

Could your clients be on the breadline in just 26 days, without some financial planning?

Although 26 days is an improvement since Legal & General's last report, this is largely due to more people starting to save a little something over the past six months.  However, it's a reality check to think that across the UK, the average household still only has just under four weeks to survive financially and that even more worryingly half of the regions researched don't even have that long.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • The deadline to the breadline for working-age families is just 11 days.
  • 33% of households have no savings so they could be on the breadline tomorrow.
  • 45% of people know someone who has suffered a serious illness or injury.

Visit the website to find out more or view Legal & General's results at a glance.


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