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06 Mar 2015

Putting the X in tax - could it influence one in three voters?

The General Election is approaching and it looks as if people may vote with their wallets. One in three of the consumers we surveyed said that tax policies would influence the way they voted, one way or the other. This revelation has already seen some media buzz, which you can see in our coverage on Moneywise and Money Observer. Yet despite this growing tax awareness, people still aren't aware of the action they themselves can take, as our shocking tax waste figures demonstrate 

10 steps to the perfect profile

Financial blogger Phillip Bray sings the praises of over at The Sense Blog, and why it's a must for retirement planners especially to be listed. He also offers a fantastic set of tips for creating the ultimate enhanced profile.

A marketing plan that gives you real results

What's in a brand? Martin Bamford of Informed Choice Ltd shares his experience of how his firm took a fresh new approach to marketing - with exciting results. Instead of just trying out what works and doesn't work, he argues for a marketing plan that delivers the results you want.

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