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29 Nov 2013

'Why the industry must pull together'

What do a finance journalist and a World Cup winning rugby player have in common?  They're both supporters of independent financial advice, of course!  Jeff Prestridge and Will Greenwood both stressed the value of independent financial advice at the recent press launch for Financial Planning Week.  They also encouraged the industry to be more transparent when it comes to consumers looking for advice. And as part of the GetAdvised campaign, our research shows more than half of Brits believe they would benefit from seeking financial advice.  Communicating your services to consumers has never been so vital.  But remember, one week is just the beginning.  All year round we promote the value of advice - take a look at our latest value of advice article for FPW on our website.

Got some downtime over the coming month?

The New Year advice rush is fast approaching, so don't get caught out.  Every January we see a spike in traffic to our site from consumers searching for advice.  In January of this year, searches on our site more than doubled from the previous month.*

Your profile is crucial if you want to see leads coming in for next year.  By updating your profile with the likes of your adviser photos, company logo, qualifications and advice areas you can set yourself apart from the competition for 2014.


Our #faceofadvice Twitter competition is going strong, with hundreds of faces filling up ourTwitter feed!  Join in to be on the 'Face of Advice' wall and in with a chance to win a hamper just in time for Christmas.


Here are just a couple of our most recent entries. Of course, each entry is as valuable as the next in demystifying the #faceofadvice, so let us see some new faces!


The team

*Google Analytics 2012/13

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