Special report: Cost of advice revealed

Have advice costs changed since 2014?

11 Sep 2015

It's back and it's better than ever


One of the two big questions people ask about advice is 'How much will it cost?' Thanks to our new Cost of Advice guide, they don't have to guess any longer. We've already had some great coverage of the guide in the FT adviserCitywire, Financial Planner Online and Mortgage Introducer.

Just having an idea of how much advice costs can encourage people to seek it out. Our last guide topped the Google rankings, so this year we've created an even better breakdown of the typical advice scenarios.

As for the other big question - 'What can advice do for me?' - that's up to you! Start to demonstrate the value of advice by sharing our guide with your potential clients. You can find it here.




Let's discuss

We'd love to know what you think of our guide, and explore other ways to turn consumers on to advice. How do the prices listed compare to your current rates? Do you think other scenarios should be considered? Let us know in our latest discussion. 



 Get ready for the Sunset Clause

A new ruling from the FCA will come into effect from 6 April 2016, changing the way platforms are paid for holding assets on behalf of clients. Known as the 'sunset clause', the ruling will have several complicated implications for advisers, and can be seen both as a threat and an opportunity. Standard Life take the latter view, and have put together their straightforward analysis to explain why. Find out more about the clause here.


Are you protected against cyber-crime?

When a company as high profile as The Carphone Warehouse becomes a victim of corporate cyber-crime, you have to sit up and take notice. But it's not just big companies -- online threats cost SMEs in the UK around £800m a year, and the threats are only increasing year by year. When breaches happen, the best final line of defence is a specialised cyber-policy to insure against the consequences. Read the full article by Brett Warburton-Smith of Lockton to find out how to protect your business.

Find out more at the Lockton website.


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