The future of financial services

19 Apr 2013

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The words 'hashtag' and 'tweetup' are now officially in the Oxford Dictionary showing there is no escaping social media!  Social media not only plays a big role in our personal lives, but in our professional lives too, with more and more businesses using it as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  Consumers continue to use social media channels to learn about businesses, show their affinity to a brand and recommend products or services to others.  While this might be an easier sell for the likes of Nike or Coca Cola, platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook still provide you with a great opportunity to connect with potential clients by giving them further insight into your business.  Don't forget you can add your social media links to your profile to help extend your reach and give consumers the opportunity to engage with your business  - so if you haven't already why not update your profile today!

The Future of Financial Services

On Wednesday, attended the Future of Financial Services conference and had the opportunity to listen to some great speakers.  Highlights for us included: Martin Wheatley from the FCA who told us that 'Good outcomes for consumers is the new holy grail in financial services'; Mick McAteer who compared the FS industry to the food industry and observed that 'Consumers are not consuming enough good financial products such as savings, protection and insurance'; and finally for sheer entertainment factor Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert, who spoke with such passion about trust in financial services we were concerned that he might self combust!  There seemed to be an emerging theme from the speakers and panels around the importance of ensuring better outcomes for consumers, something which has always been an principle.  As part of this initiative, we have continued to bring to the forefront our Value of Advice campaign, with a great consumer blog reinforcing the findings from our Value of Advice report. The campaign is part of our aim to demonstrate to consumers the benefits of seeking professional advice, and we want to know what methods you use to do the same?  Share your ideas in our discussion on LinkedIn.  



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