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27 Mar 2015

Advice! What is it good for?

Quite a lot, as we all know. So this month we're making a special effort to spread the word. In our fourth Value of Advice campaign, in partnership with MetLife, we're raising consumer awareness of the different kinds of value that advice can deliver. 

This year's research shows that the average advice seeker is getting younger - but also that consumers are missing out on valuable areas of advice. Mortgages and life insurance are the most popular areas for seeking help, whereas advisers remain adamant that retirement planning is paramount, followed closely by inheritance tax planning - something consumers are largely forgetting about. The result is a widening advice gap, as many fail to seek help on the most important issues, while 58 per cent of UK adults have never sought advice at all. What can you do to promote the value of advice? Visit our campaign homepage here.

Roundtable round-up 

As part of the Value of Advice launch, MetLife hosted a roundtable discussion chaired by our chief executive Karen Barrett. Industry heads, advisers and journalists gathered together and got back to basics, discussing questions like 'What is the definition of advice?', 'What should advice try to achieve?' and 'What are the ways in which advice delivers value?' Here's a snapshot of some key points raised:

  • 'Advisers are financial fitness trainers! They help their clients plan, stay motivated and achieve their goals.'
  • 'More education is needed so consumers understand who advisers are and the value of what they do.'    

Do you think the recent Budget will raise consumer awareness of the value of advice? Let us know by joining our discussion. In the meantime you can take a look at a summary of our roundtable in the FT Adviser here. 

Helping clients get a bite of the cherry

How can we encourage more people to seek the advice they need? And how can people who currently don't seek advice come to understand the value of doing so? It's basically the same question asked in two different ways - and MetLife in association with has come up with two interesting answers. You can discover them here and here.

Share your value of advice 

One of the greatest ways to reach potential clients is to write articles for the homepage. You can share your examples of the value of advice with readers who are curious to discover more, but not yet ready to contact an adviser directly. Are they pondering a problem that your article will shed light on? Will your piece encourage them to consider something they haven't before? Writing for us can bring you wide exposure, and help build up your reputation as a specialist in your field - when people search on your name, they'll find your words of wisdom here. To learn more about this opportunity, simply email [email protected]

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