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26 Oct 2012

Willing the nation on

The unbiased.co.uk / Octopus Investments 'Write a will week', has been generating lots of attention. We've been raising consumer awareness about the consequences of not writing a will, and encouraging the 58% of UK adults who don't have one to get writing.  You can do your bit by mentioning the need for a will to each and every client you see.  Findings from our research have been recently been featured in the Financial TimesPrudentialIFA onlineMoney Magpie and Yorkshire Post.

The Twittersphere has been buzzing with tweets mentioning the #writeawill hashtag.  We tweeted will.i.am and William Hague to see if they had wills in place but no replies as yet!!  Show your support for the campaign by following us @unbiased_co_uk

Adviser profiles

You may have heard rumours that we will be re-launching the unbiased.co.uk website in November.  Well it's all true!

If you are thinking of updating information on your profile it is   probably wise to hold off until we let you know the new site is live as we will be allowing you to add a host of further information to better showcase your firm to prospective clients. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.



Looking good

If you are looking to improve your website [codepotato] can help you attract new clients and keep your existing customers engaged - they specialise in building bespoke websites for the financial services industry.  We at unbiased HO love what they are doing in website world at the moment, so please have a look at what they can offer.



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