Understanding the sandwich generation

29 Aug 2014

Our IHT checklist goes national…

Our research shows a massive £530 million will be wasted in unnecessary IHT payments this year. So we decided to team up with Prudential and create a checklist to point consumers in the right direction - your direction! The checklist gives your clients the first steps to inheritance tax planning by understanding the valuation of an individual's estate. It's even been featured in the Mail on Sunday this week… take a look.

The checklist can be a great way to start conversations with your clients about their estate planning - download it here.


It's that time again!

Now is a great time to login and see how well your profile has performed this month. Check your statistics page to find out how many views you've had in August, as well as how many people have been in contact. 

Why not update your profile while you're there? Make the most of your profile features such as a 20 word sales pitch and adviser photos. 




What piece of financial jargon most confuses your clients?

For our discussion this week, we focus on all things jargon! New research conducted by NS&I revealed that many consumers admit to not understanding several financial terms, deeming many as 'puzzling'. What are your thoughts? Could more be done to better educate consumers on financial terms? Should more simplified language be use when consulting clients? Have your say and join the discussion.



Another adviser directory?

This week MAS released their consultation response. As MAS decides whether to source advisers from existing directories, unbiased.co.uk encourages MAS to look to the industry for support. For more unbiased.co.uk views on MAS directory click here


Sponsored Placement 

Get ahead with a deeper understanding of the sandwich generation 

In July, you shared your thoughts on the sandwich generation - those clients aged 45-60 who care for both their parents and their older children.

Sandwich generation clients often have to manage a lot of complex issues. They are time poor, feeling the pressure from different directions and often experience inertia when making decisions and taking action.

Aviva is looking at how you can use behavioural science to have more effective conversations with these clients. Read more here.


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