Which would the Queen choose?

Make the most of your profile. Why investment clients need you. The Queen's speech on retirement reform, voice your opinion.

06 Jun 2014

Which would you choose?

Did you pick advert B? Well, so did we!

More importantly, so do lots of consumers searching for an adviser on unbiased.co.uk.  Who to trust with their hard-earned money is one of the most crucial decisions customers will ever make, so how can you persuade them to pick you?  Read how to make the most of your profile.  

Why investment clients need you

What message do advisers give clients when they're constantly changing funds within portfolios? Jaskarn Pawar argues advisers need to make steadfast decisions to be trusted by investors.  Read Jaskarn's blog.

The Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech at the opening of Parliament has reconfirmed the government's commitment to reforming at-retirement choices for consumers.  The latest proposed change from the government is to allow workers to save into Dutch-style collective defined contribution pension funds which they will share with thousands of other members.  While this is potentially a lower risk option for workers, how will this change affect people when they come to draw their workplace pension once in retirement?  Do you think this latest change is a positive step in encouraging more people to save into a workplace pension?  Let us know in our LinkedIn discussion.


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Your clients can now invest up to £40,000 in Premium Bonds, giving maximum holders 10,000 extra chances to win

From Sunday 1 June 2014 the amount that your clients can invest in Premium Bonds increased from £30,000 to £40,000 giving maximum holders more chances to win tax-free prizes from ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment).

The change follows the Chancellor's announcement in the Budget that NS&I would help support savers by increasing the Premium Bonds investment limit from £30,000 to £40,000 and increasing the number of £1 million prizes from one to two as from the August draw.  A further increase to £50,000 will take place in 2015-16. 

For further information and downloads, please visit nsandi-adviser.com

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