Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk comments on the Financial Advice Market Review

03 Aug 2015

‘We absolutely welcome the review into financial advice – there is no question that more can be done to help people understand the benefits of proper, regulated financial advice. 

‘Professional advice offers a personalised plan, it is regulated, and delivers the best outcome for the consumer.  Overcoming the barriers that stop people seeking advice is crucial and this review is a step in the right direction. People with moderate savings and requirements can benefit from advice too and it is important to remember that protection policies or mortgages for instance are areas where advice also plays a key part. Advice really isn’t ‘just’ for high net worth individuals! Over a third of advisers on unbiased.co.uk say they advise on pension pots of less than £25,000, so we already know that there are plenty of advisers in the market place advising consumers with advice needs at all levels.

‘Educating consumers about the value of seeking advice is at the heart of what we do.  We demonstrate how the cost of advice can be far outweighed by the confidence and security it gives you in your financial future. Our Value of Advice research has recently revealed that taking financial advice on your retirement savings can add on average an extra £48,279 to your retirement pot.

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