The keenest insights into the UK’s financial advice market

Who’s giving financial advice, and who’s seeking it? How is the relationship between adviser and consumer evolving? What could this mean for businesses in the financial space? We address these and other key questions in The Advice Nation, a report by, the UK’s favourite place to find financial and legal advisers, in partnership with Opinium, an award-winning strategic insight agency.

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The Advice Nation 2016

This debut report brings you a unique set of perspectives on the UK’s relationship with financial products and the use of financial advice. Based on surveys of 2,000 representative consumers, 500 investors and 200 financial advisers from across the UK, as well as search data from, the report follows every step of the advice journey and explores the connection between advice and consumer choice. The Advice Nation is essential reading for anyone doing business in this fast-changing market.

Highlights include:

  • Who wants professional advice and what do they want from it?
  • How has the Retail Distribution Review reshaped the advice market?
  • To what extent has pension freedom changed people’s behaviour?
  • What are the key factors that influence people in their choice of financial products?
  • How can providers appeal to consumers across the various demographics?
  • What are the key lessons for product providers?
  • How can we expect the market to develop in the near future?
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