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I have 35 years of experience in this industry where I have successfully helped various clients with different needs, requirements and expectations. My forte has always been giving my clients the best advice and service, regardless their financial status. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your Financial Planning.
We can advise you on
Annuity purchase
Pension consolidation
Pension drawdown
Pensions & divorce
Pensions & retirement planning
Pensions review
Wealth management
ISA / Unit Trusts / OEICs
Investing for income
Offshore investments
Unit trusts
Lump sum
Savings for children
School fees planning
Critical illness
Income protection insurance
Life insurance
Small business
Estate planning
Corporate pension
Group income protection
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FCA authorised
Last authorised 18th October 2021
Meet our advisers
MR Pietro Garritano
What our clients say
Pietro advised me of the best course of action that best suited my personal financial circumstances.
Swarup Bhose, Bournmouth
Pietro has explained me the various aspect of investing my savings and indeed I needed a professional advise for it
Antonella Bonadonna, London
Pietro has always approached providing financial advise in a well structured and understandable fashion. He takes time to ensure that he understands what you are trying to achieve, and provides alternative options to review. Recently he has helped restructure my pension arrangements working diligently through the array of paperwork and approval systems to fully meet my requirements.
Michael Brown, Wolstead
Pietro advised me of the best course of action that best suited my personal financial circumstance
Nick Pandya, Milton Keynes
My advisor understood my needsMy advisor explained everything in detailThe most important thing my advisor did for me was to set up a plan for the money I received from my private pension.
Ian Reffell, Kempston
Tim Wood, Bedford
Pietro Provided suitable advice on financial matters.
Paul Bleakley, St. Neots
Pietro took his time to explain how to invest in my pension to get better gains.
Giovanni Maiello, Luton
Pietro Explained everything about pension and finance matters.
A Mistry, Bedford
We agreed to move our ISA investments into two different funds, on Pietro's advice. This followed us exploring how we wanted to plan for our retirements over the next few years.
Barney Payne, Milton Keynes
Pietro helped me to clarify my objectives and aims for the future; Invest my existing ISA funds more sensibly and Invest my Pension pot more sensibly and encouraged me to take advantage of this and next years ISA allowances.
David Andrews, Bedford
Pietro helped me make my mind up on which way to go to get the best out of my funds.
Barry Brightan, Milton Keynes
Pietro took the time to understand our needs and available funds from the very beginning and regularly throughout the various lifestyle changes having a growing family tends to bring on
Iaian Clarke, Bedford
Pietro gave me clear advice and offered plenty of choices of products. He was also happy to make alterations to examples of products to fit exactly what cover I wanted and what price I wanted to pay. He never rushes any decision you are making and explains all the products very clearly, explaining exactly how the cover would work for your individual personal circumstances rather than a general overview, which made it clearer to understand.
Sally Bailey, Renhold
How did Pietro Garritano help you? He offered helpful advice with different options to suite and covered all areas along with answering any of questions.Great reassuring service. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes, completely happy with advice and outcome. Our finances and family future are well looked after as we have a mortgage that suits us with protected cover. Will is all sorted too.
Emelina Montalbetti, Kempston
How did Pietro Garritano help you? helped with all my needs. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? yes. What could they have done better? nothing more
Andrew Butler, Rushden
Pietro was truly a star. His advice was clear and helpful in every aspect. He was confident in his product knowledge and explained everything so that we felt comfortable with the choices we made. When ever we contacted him he always took his time with us and nothing was too much trouble. We are very pleased with the products that pietro introduced us too and will gladly carry on taking his advice. Thank you Pietro What could they have done better? Nothing
Franca Caruso, Bedford
Pietro has a very relaxed and professional approach to providing financial advice. He probes your life plans, priorities and attitude to risk very carefully and then suggests investment options that fit with your profile. He never pushes for quick decisions and leaves it up to you to make decisions in your own time. He takes great care to explain any charges before you make any commitments, and also checks to ensure you understand the nature of any investment.
Thomas Morrow, Bromham
Gives a very full account of our options. Is flexible on time. Communicates via all media that are convenient for u
Shirley Jackson, Bromham
Keeps me up to date with the market and how best to manage my funds What could they have done better? I am satisfied with the timely advice given
Mark Dollimore, Bromham, Wiltshire
Pietro offers regular appointments but Is generally easy to get hold of outside of these.He seems to be well aware of one's needs and where to look to try and meet them. His easy - going nature tends to put you at your ease when discussing - often - difficult matters. What could they have done better? Occasionally I find myself needing to ask Pietro to speak a little slower ..for me to keep up with the complexities of some matters.
David Gunns, Sandy
Very diligent, supportive and excellent all round financial knowledge but depth in key areas... A pleasure to work with! What could they have done better? See above... Not in my opinion...
Nelson Nazareth, Kimbolton
Pietro always responds quickly to messages left and will make time to respond via email, phone call or home visit if possible irrespective of the fee structure you decide on for future review of your investment portfolio. He is approachable, professional and a pleasure to work with with a positive 'can do' attitude to helping you make the right investment choices and resolving any queries you may have. What could they have done better? Investments for pensions are suggested by Eden via managed funds which is ok if you want this option as I did as opposed to a personal / self investment pension where you manage your own funds with advice from your IFA. I think Eden offer this service too ?
Mark Ciuro, Bedford
Pietro Garritano, was very clear as to which policy was Best and gave a number of options, the advice givenWas very clear and communicated very well withA strong knowledge of the products being offered, I wasVery satisfied with the service and advice I received. What could they have done better? Nothing, was very satisfied with the service I received.
Giuseppe Lamparelli, Bedford
Pietro takes the time to try to completely understand what is required now, medium and longer term. The reviews are considered and constructive with options being monitored against perceived projections, and modified after discussions on revised requires according to the results obtained over the preceeding period. What could they have done better? Has Pietro acknowledges himself, can always do better with the benefit of hindsight, and knowing what influences are going to affect and effect the markets.
Kevin Lawrence, Bedford
Pietro has an excellent understanding of my financial requirements. His research into products and their suitability of the product is excellent. No one can predict the exact performance of funds or volatility of the financial markets but to date his advise has been excellent and I have been very pleased with my funds performance.Pietro also takes the time to LISTEN, a quality not often seen in financial advisers. This means when he is assessing your actual needs, rather than your perceived requirements, he is able to clearly show how by taking a recommended action it is the right way forward for you - taking into account your specified goals.One other nice quality Pietro has, is he always remembers details you have told him in general conversation, and will ask for instance how a family member is . This makes me feel that he has listened and that he CARES. What could they have done better? Sometimes Pietro talks too fast ! He needs to sometimes remember to slow down. Being Italian, he gets very passionate about things - he is passionate about his advise. I would highly recommend Pietro - you will go a long way to find better!
Diana Melarkey, Cold Brayfield
Pietro is a pleasant and approachable. His professional manner and following through on items discussed at the meetings makes me feel confident that he listens and really cares about the needs of his clients. There isn't a price you can put on financial advise but I feel that I always get good value for money and a great customer service What could they have done better? Pietro exceeded my expectations
Silvio Barbiery, Milton Keynes
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser? coming up to retirement. How did Pietro Garritano help you? with helpful advice on the many and sometimes complicated pension and annuity choices. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? been satisfied with results to date of last review. What could they have done better? the advisor could not practically do more than he has service is excellent
Ellen Davies, Milton Keynes
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser? I wanted my pension to increase. How did Pietro Garritano help you? Pietro has always done is best for me and my family In all financial circumstances. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes very good job. What could they have done better? No he’s done very well
Clinton Bond, Great Barford
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser? Personal finance overhaul as some arrangements in place had expired. How did Pietro Garritano help you? Assisted with life assurance & equity release .. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes, Pietro proved extremely helpful & knowledgeable. He listened to our requirements & only suggested the necessary products, no hard sales talk or suggested add-ons.I would heartily recommend his services to anyone seeking assistance
Paul Margetts, Sandy
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser? Needed to consolidate a number of pensions and investments. How did Pietro Garritano help you? Discussed options and took time to understand our needs and concerns. Offered reasoned recommendations. What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for? Yes.
Russ Peddler, Flitwick
About us

Eden Financial & Wealth Management Ltd can provide a comprehensive professional service offering advice on a variety of products, including pensions, protection, ISAs, offshore investments and IHT Planning. We work on a fee or commission basis. All cost will be discussed at your first meeting, which will be free of charge.
Although I prefer to meet my clients in my office,I am also prepared to travel and meet you at a more suitable location, or advice remotely by webcam or telephone.

Our services

Having being in this industry for more than 35 years, not only I have gained experience in understanding clients' needs and objectives, and been able to help them achieving their goals, but I have also mastered one of the 10 adviser's Principles, that is: treat my clients fairly.
I am always interested in helping people in any way I can. I enjoy helping my clients achieving their goals and their financial independence. In my spare time, I love gardening, walking and swimming.

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Head office address: 108 Bromham Road, BEDFORD, MK40 4AH
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Last authorised 18th October 2021

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