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At Quilter Financial Advisers we specialise in personal and corporate financial planning. Our philosophy is to offer a high quality and personal service to each of our valued clients.
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MR Andy Fisher
Financial Planning Consultant
What our clients say
Knowledgeable, personable and professional; a pleasure to deal with.
Phill R, Wacton
I needed help with my private pension which I wished to take as drawdown. I was in isolation, so we had a telephone chat. Andy put me at ease with his professionalism, and he said that I was taking the right steps at the present time. He did advise me to double check my beneficiaries, which I have now done. His help over the phone was perfect and very understanding. I appreciated all his kind words and help. We hope to meet up within the year to see how thing are working out with my pension and he will definitely be helping me out then.
Barbara F, Wacton
We warmed to Andy straight away, we would not hesitate contacting Andy for assistance if it would be required in the future.
Lee B, Hethersett
Andy’s advice was very reassuring in a time of crisis! Thanks Andy
Kevin H, Barton Turf
My experience of Andy was extremely positive. He is a consummate professional but more importantly he provides something much more important which is the human touch. My needs were a little complexed but he did everything in his power to help. On this occasion we could not proceed but I will be back to Andy at a later date for sure.
Corin G, Eye
Final salary transfer. Andy did a thorough review in order to provide me with balanced financial advice. He then transferred my funds. It was a very smooth and efficient process.
Ian W, Norwich
Having several private and work pensions, I was looking for advise on whether I should merge them into one pot or leave them as they were. Andy explained the pros and cons for each scenario. His advice helped me make the right decision for my situation. He kept me updated on how things were progressing and was always available to answer any questions I had. He gave me very sound advice, and I wasn't pressured into doing business with him.
Elaine C, Diss
I was looking for advice on pensions. Mr Fisher met with myself and my wife. He conducted a complete review of both our finances, completed a full and in depth report and advised us accordingly.
Andrew H, Thetford
I wanted to draw down one of a number of small pension funds to provide an early retirement income. Andy arranged the whole process, providing a personal financial plan then arranging an appropriate product to meet my requirements. Everything was handled carefully and efficiently and Andy kept me up to speed with every stage. This was particularly impressive since it all took place during the lockdown period.
Neil B, Norwich
I needed to transfer two final salary schemes that can only be completed by a specialist F A I was also looking for the best advice on a limited budget and looking for someone who was prepared to provide tailored advice on a real value for money basis. He provided excellent information and details of the processes involved in the transfers. He also helped with future longer term investments and providing light touch on going advice. It was all achieved against a limited time frame to complete all the administration and with the added difficulty that the transfers were taking place at the height of the Covid19 crisis. I have the greatest of respect for Andy and the service he provided, a true professional.
Alf P, Bury St Edmunds
Andy explained our pensions and oppositions to us both very professionally and in a way that we could both understand. Andy keeps in contact with us with regular updates on how things are moving along. Quite simply Andy could not have done any more to help us than he has already.
Mark G, Poringland
I found that I was able to transfer my pension from a previous employer and receive a cash free lump sum. I always ask only one thing of companies and professional people and that is that they do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it and Andy did just that. Andy arrived for appointments when he said he would. He took the details of my current financial and personal situation as well as what I would require in the future and was able to, clearly, advise about the benefits and drawbacks of transferring my pension. He kept me informed at all stages about the progress of the transfer and ensured that all ran smoothly.
Wendy N, Norwich
Pension release. Andy sorted out everything for me.
Stephen T, Hethersett
To consolidate pensions. He assessed whether pensions should be moved and enabled it to happen where necessary.
Mark S, Norwich
I wanted to transfer company pension to private plan. Andy help me to achieve the transfer and set up a new plan.
Ken W, Erpingham
I needed help with inheritance. He put things in terminology that I could understand and I didn't feel pressured to take one particular product. He gave me many options and assessed the type of services I would need.
Jack D, Norwich
Having to take retirement earlier than planned because of treatment resulting in loss of ability to carry out minimum duties required in my job. He gave me advice and guidance regarding this.
Brian G, Hingham
I came across a preserved pension I didn’t realise I had. Andy gave me advice and pointed me in directions that I didn’t realise were there. He kept me updated and contacted me when he said he would.
Andy P, Cromer
I was looking for a new advisor as I had a lack of support from previous advisor. Andy sorted out a pension transfer... very thorough with advise and reassurance I am on track. I really felt all areas were covered and am happy I made the switch.
Scott A, Wymondham
Transfer of DC pensions. Andy advised me on the best course of action to meet my needs and facilitated the transfer.
David S, Westwick
My private pension provider Capita got in touch with myself to explain that I could at age 55 draw on some of my pension. However it seemed a small amount I realised that I need professional advise and went online to seek an advisor.... within a day Mr. Andy Fisher was in contact and advised that I was due a lot more and has endeavoured to sort it all out as I had no clue what I was dealing with. He has always kept me notified of updates of my 25% tax free money which I shall take and reinvest the remaining amount for my future he also helped me contact the correct HMGOV department to ascertain the amount of state pension I shall be due as age 67. I am very happy with the service Mr Andy Fisher has delivered. I am more then happy with the excellent advice I have been given and am looking forward to my 25% tax free lump sum to land in my account.
Anna G, Thetford
Wanting to consolidate funds, assess viability for taking an income and a general review. Reviewed the funds I had, gave a comprehensive review and actioned the consolidation of funds. Support throughout the process was well presented and supportive to my needs. Andy's approach was simple, concise and supported by good quality documented information. Response to emails etc was prompt, so, on this initial contact I don't have anything I would change.
Martin L, Taverham
Looking to invest inheritance. Andy was extremely helpful and patient explaining the mine field of investments to me.
Jema D, Norwich
Life events conspired to suggest I needed a strong protection review. With immense detail, understanding and sympathy Andy found the very best deal the market could offer to accommodate my desires. Andy is proactive and led me through the process which is what I needed so I don’t know how he could have done any better.
Dan K, Norwich
Looking for best life insurance quote and critical illness cover. He found us an excellent deal, looked in to our individual circumstances and did a lot of research on our behalf and beat the quotes we had gotten previously.
Sarah W, Hingham
I wanted to transfer final salary pensions. Andy worked with me to understand my needs and obtain the pension values, he then produced a comprehensive report that advised me of my options and answered all questions . One of the companies he dealt with were not always forthcoming with information / or in a timely manner and Andy was very pride in chasing them and keeping me updated at all times. Andy was excellent at all times and I would highly recommend him.
Stephen L, Diss
I contacted Andy, after having dealings with another Financial Adviser who, - well let's just say that Andy gave me the the advice that I needed, and was best for ME. He handled everything in a most Professional manner for me, with excellent results. I would certainly go to Andy again.
Steve K, Reepham
I was looking for a FA to sort out a pension share after a divorce. Andy was very quick and professional in helping me with good clear advice and setting up the new fund for the pension to transfer into. Everything explained and dealt with brilliantly.
Sean G, Dereham
I was planning to retire and need financial advise as to what best to do with 3 small pensions. He looked at our finances and gave me options. Once I decided what to do he arranged long term investments for me.
Stephen W, Bowthorpe
Used Pension Wise to find an advisor to start a pension. Andy found the right affordable pension with the right company.
Joe B, Salhouse
We have had a financial advisor for many years. Over time the original advisor, with a change of personnel and ownership offered us little if any financial benefit. We found Andy and he reorganised our investments to a system easier to understand. He also advised on pensions, where we stand currently and where we are projected to be a few years down the line. All this he did with a reduction in the fees we had been paying out previously. He is a world away from the service we had from the previous financial advisor.
Michael H, Norwich
I wanted my existing pensions and investments managed professionally. He reviewed my investments for me and made changes in relation to the level of risk that I was comfortable with. He did a very thorough job and made sure that I understood things properly.
Arinda F, Cromer
I took early retirement and wanted to transfer my pension into a drawdown account which best suited my circumstances. He gave us advice, transferred my pension into a suitable account which he recommended. He outlined all the risks with each investment option and, after due consideration of my attitude to risk, advised a suitable provider.
Wendy M, Caister on Sea
Have not reviewed financial situation for over 10 years, since was in financial problems. He treated the situation very professionally and with empathy. Therefore I had no problems giving him all of the information he needed to help me. He found more than I thought I had including "funds", which I thought I had lost. I will continue to use his services.
Carl L, West Runton
I had two investment policies without any financial advised since they where taken out. Andy came to see me and went through everything and explained, advised and set everything up for me in a very professional way.
John P, Watton
I had recently been widowed and had a small amount of money that was gradually depleting as it was easy to access and gained little interest. Andy explained all the options to me outlining all the pros and cons of each option.
Sue A, East Dereham
The whole process of trying to sort my pensions terrified me. Far too complicated for me to do it alone. Andy Fisher helped me in every aspect of my pension history. From my very first meeting with Andy, nothing was too much trouble for him. He explained everything to me throughout the process, and if there was something I didn't understand he gently and patiently explained it to me until I understood. He couldn't have done anything more for me. He always answered my calls or got back to me as soon as he was able.
Susan B, Norwich
A huge thank you to Andy and his team for their research and advice which enabled me to understand the options available and then make positive decisions about my retirement financial planning. It's a complex and intimidating subject requiring the specialist advice that Andy was able to take me through ensuring we made the right decisions. Thoroughly recommended.
Andrew C, Attleborough
Andy is genuinely interested in his clients, and I feel very comfortable with his advice. Very knowledgeable, always happy to answer any questions.
Michael B, Moulton St Mary
Andy came to my house he explained all the information in plan terms and was very helpful to get all my pensions sorted, he kept me informed on every stage in these difficult covid times I would like to say I would have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone.
Stewart C, Poringland
Andy was very easy to talk to and provided everything I was looking for from an initial consultation.
Catherine S, Hitchin
Andy was very helpful.
Jason H, Norwich
I wanted to transfer out of a defined benefits scheme to allow me to retire early. Andy explained all the pro's and cons involved very clearly and compiled a thorough report of my needs. He was very efficient and went above and beyond to meet a very tight time schedule.
Robin K, Lowestoft
Andy provided independent specialist advice on the viability to transfer 2 DB pensions into a private pension, and then after due consideration followed through the process to transfer the pensions. I have been in contact with several advisers over the last few years in relation to pensions and investments, and by far the most knowledgeable and efficient one I've dealt with is Andy.
Phillip F, Caister on Sea
I wanted advice on retirement options for Unilever UK Pension Fund (UUKPF) which is a mixed DB and DC scheme. Andy outlined the pros and cons of transferring out of the UUKPF scheme and some things I should think about. It's much clearer now and I feel more confident about making the right decision.
Patrick W, Norfolk
I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and having to retire I wanted to ensure my family were looked after. Andy assessed my situation and came up with a proposal which was clear and made sense financially for my family.
David B, Nottingham
I wanted to transfer my final salary pension to a defined contribution pension as I believed it would better suit my immediate and longer term aims. Andy carefully reviewed my reasoning\motives for wanting to transfer my final salary pension, to make sure it was appropriate for me and my circumstances, then guided me through the process of achieving it. Andy was always very helpful to explain anything, he was very knowledgeable and addressed any matters at speed.
Kevin D, Felixstowe
Andy went through all my options, advised me on, and handled, my pension transfer. He was very thorough.
Ruth D, Norwich
I wanted to move away from my final salary scheme into a more flexible product. Andy carried out a full assessment of my finances before recommending that in my circumstance it would be in my interest to transfer my pension giving me all the positives and negatives of the new scheme. I have been able to realise my dream of being able to retire early and have the knowledge that if I die that my family would have the best access to the funds that I build over the years.
John P, Forncett St Peter
I was looking to facilitate financial advice for my father who had recently retired and needed to gain access to a number of pensions funds at short notice. Andy liaised with both my father and I, facilitating appropriate advice and answering endless questions - to see that we achieved an outcome that we were looking for. In addition, whenever there were any hurdles to overcome, Andy proactively took these on board and dealt with as appropriate.
Mark G, Caister on Sea
Being a new mum but late in life with significant health issues, I wanted independent advice to find the right life insurance to protect my family. Andy is so easy to talk to. He asked all of the right questions. His advice was spot on.
Sharon S, Colchester
I wanted to move my pensions. Andy advised and guided me through the process.
Tony C, Norfolk
I was looking to transfer the defined benefit pension that I had along with a defined contribution pension held also. I needed help to understand the process and to ensure that the complex procedure was carried out correctly. Andy was very good at explaining the process to me. He was extremely patient answering any questions that I had along the way. Andy was very efficient dealing with all the associated documentation that was needed.
David C, Swansea
My wife and I are approaching retirement and were looking to transfer our Defined Benefits Pensions in order to achieve our overall financial goals. Andy, helped to clarify the positives (and potential pitfalls) of our plans so that we could make an informed decision of what is a complex subject. He took the time to ensure we fully understood all aspects of the transaction and the financial implications, particularly surrounding the loss of certain guarantees and the investment risks. He was also able to work to exceptionally tight timescales following delays in receiving various quotations.
Carl G, Wymondham
I was supporting my brother with Andy to access his pension early. He was very helpful looking at many different ways my brother could get his pension. He kept in constant contact with both of us with regular updates and meetings.
Kay R, Derby
To make full use of my pension we needed to seek financial advice. Andy allowed me to explore my options and gave us professional advice.
Jeanette E, Rayleigh
About us

At Quilter Financial Advisers we specialise in personal and corporate financial planning. Our philosophy is to offer a high quality and personal service to each of our valued clients. We believe our approach towards financial planning is what makes us stand out; to provide comprehensive financial advice where we consider all aspects of your financial planning and look after your future, whatever it may hold. We help you navigate through the complexity of financial planning and plan appropriately, take action when needed and deliver peace-of-mind for your financial future.

We are part of the Quilter Financial Planning Network who are owned by Quilter. Quilter is a leading provider of advice, investments and wealth management; managing over £100 billion of investments on behalf of 900,000 customers.

Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people.

Our services

We provide personally tailored face-to-face financial advice in an open, honest and direct fashion. Our aim is to build long term working relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

We offer a no obligation initial consultation at our expense as an opportunity for us to identify your financial planning needs.

Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people.

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Head office address: 1 Amos Bacon Close, NORWICH, NR6 7BT
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