Find a solicitor

  • Make sure you are clear and focused about what you are trying to achieve so you don’t waste your time and money.
  • Before you make any appointments, talk to three or four different solicitors – you’ll want information about charges, whether an initial consultation is free or charged for, how they handle the longer term adviser/client relationship if that’s relevant - and anything else that is important to you, such as whether they are willing to come and see you in your own home or workplace.
  • Ask about their qualifications – what they are, what they mean; ask how long the firm has been in business, and what your adviser specialises in.
  • Ask about ways to pay charges and fees that might make it easier for you – and as with all things these days, if you think it’s too expensive, see if you can negotiate a better deal or payment options that suit you better. 
  • Do they talk to you in plain English or are they using jargon terms that you don’t understand?
  • Solicitors should have a practising certificate, which tells you they are fully qualified and insured, which most display in their offices.  If you have any concerns, you can check with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.
  • Use the options within our online search to refine and focus your search to get a list of the advisers who best fit your needs.