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The story of one firm's rapid rise to success with Unbiased

Aurum Capital London

In November 2020 Aurum Capital London catapulted themselves into the spotlight by winning the Unbiased Excellence Award – the top prize at the Trusted Professional Awards hosted by Here’s the story of how directors Nicholas Chronias and Antony Cotchobos managed to achieve great things after less than two years in business, thanks to a combination of hard work and listing with Unbiased.

How does it feel to win the Unbiased Excellence Award?

We’re elated – winning the award from Unbiased rubber-stamps who Aurum Capital London is. It means so much to us, as it’s proof we take our business seriously.

What does Aurum Capital London do?

We’re a small firm based in Hammersmith, specialising in insurance and protection. We also work extensively with corporations to provide personal financial planning services to company staff. We founded the company in 2019 and set ourselves a clear mission: to make sure our clients are better off for having met us.

And how do you set about doing this?

We show our clients what the market has to offer, and we try to take the guesswork away. Often a client may not know what they need! So, we aim to give them an unbiased overview of their potential needs and structure a plan based on that. It’s about looking at each individual and their circumstances, to work out how they can protect themselves and their family in any event. That way, if the worst should happen, the impact is lessened as far as possible.

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How has joining Unbiased helped your business?

We joined Unbiased partly to try and mitigate the business impact of the pandemic. At the time we were also using various other companies to generate leads, but when we found Unbiased was particularly effective, we began diverting more resources to our Unbiased plan, which paid off.

In addition to the leads it generates, we like the way our plan lets us continue to provide a highly responsive service, with the customer management tools, the automated messaging and so on. Covid took away our freedom to interact directly with people, so the built-in CRM system is really useful – especially the ability to upload other clients that don’t come via Unbiased, so we can manage them all from the one platform. The analytics tools are also great for tracking our business performance. We can see what methods are proving most effective for winning and converting clients, and focus our efforts in response.

We now have control of the potential people we want to do business with. Just as clients choose us, we are also selective about our clients. That’s the reason we continue to invest in Unbiased.

What do you most appreciate about your Unbiased plan?

Being with Unbiased has helped to increase our revenues, which is fantastic for any business. In particular, it’s been really helpful with how we’ve had to adapt our business with regards to Covid. We’ve seen our Unbiased enquiries shoot up quite a bit since the pandemic began. Our plan has also introduced us to a demographic of clients that we might not otherwise have engaged with.

What tips would you give to professionals considering using Unbiased?

We’ve had a great experience, increasing how much we use Unbiased month by month, and I think that trend will continue. It’s great for exposure, but being on Unbiased also helps to build credibility and trust. That helps to strengthen your brand, and it’s really important.

We’ve met some fantastic clients through our engagement with Unbiased. It’s done a lot of great things for our business, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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