We are Unbiased

Unbiased empowers people to make confident financial decisions, from buying a house to planning for retirement. Not only can we connect you quickly and easily to the best experts, we can also help you choose the right type of advice to help you achieve your goals.

We cut through the clutter and make it easy for you to navigate through the huge choice of financial options available. Experts, advice, tools and guides ensure that you can always access the right information.

If you’re ready to speak to someone, we can match you to a fully regulated financial adviser, mortgage broker or accountant. If you’d prefer to explore your options, you can chat things through with a financial coach or compare the best products to manage yourself. Or a mix of everything.

Whatever your financial needs or goals, you can be confident in knowing you’re in the right place to take control of your money.

We are Unbiased…

When you find a professional with us, you can be sure they are unbiased. All the experts listed with us are regulated by the relevant official bodies, appropriately qualified and independent of product providers. Use our smart search to find exactly what you need in moments – including independent financial advice, the best mortgage, accounting services and more.

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Over 10 million
customers helped to date
Over £80 billion
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Making big decisions, easy.

When it comes to life's big decisions, finding the right advice can make all the difference.

Why use an adviser…

Professional advice can make a big difference at any significant life stage, from saving for your first home to planning your retirement. It’s not just about finding the best deals available from the whole of the market – even more importantly, you get personalised service from an expert who is focused on your best interests.

  • Make the right choices for yourself and your family.
  • Get help with buying a home, saving for the future, maximising your income and protecting your loved ones.
  • Plan for the lifestyle you want both before and after retirement.
  • Receive expert, unbiased advice.
Why use an adviser

How does Unbiased make money?

Finding a professional through Unbiased is free. Professionals can also appear on our site free of charge. However, those who are actively seeking new clients can choose to pay for a more detailed listing, and to be matched automatically with the most suitable clients according to their preferences. Professionals also pay us a small fee whenever they accept a new enquiry from a potential client.