About unbiased.co.uk

unbiased.co.uk is the UK's most comprehensive professional adviser search website, focused on empowering users with the resources they need to make better informed financial and legal decisions.  We not only help consumers find the best adviser for their needs from over 24,000 IFAs, financial advisers, mortgage advisers, solicitors and accountants listed on our search but we also help them research the market by providing relevant information and tools.  At unbiased.co.uk we are transparent about what we do and aim to provide the easiest way for consumers to find and compare advisers meeting their requirements.

The unbiased.co.uk website launched in 1998 and rapidly became the UK’s leading online destination for consumers and businesses looking to find an adviser.  Now attracting over one million visitors a year, unbiased.co.uk is the default adviser directory for consumer websites recommending their audience to ‘Find an adviser’. 
We are proud to have collected numerous awards and accolades along the way, including best 'Public Relations' for our 'Value of Advice' campaign, which highlights the benefits of professional advice to consumers and 'Marketer of the Year' for unbiased.co.uk CEO Karen Barrett (Financial Services Forum).

We regularly feature in the media and on high profile product provider and consumer websites and exclusively power some of the UK’s biggest consumer websites with our online search.  View our brand partners.

In addition to our consumer search we offer services for businesses including data provision, branded PR campaigns, email services, web content and tools. Find out more about unbiased.co.uk services for business.