How to Boost your Response Rating

Your Response Rating can make a big impact on your profile's performance, so here's how to boost yours

Your Response Rating shows potential clients how active you are in responding to enquiries.

Even if you reject an enquiry, your Response Rating will benefit, as the enquiry can move through the system more quickly, providing a better experience for the client.

Only by letting an enquiry expire will it be affected negatively. Having said this, accepting an enquiry will improve your score by more than rejecting it.

Here you can find a full explanation of how the Response Rating works.

But to boost your Response Rating, there are only two questions to consider.


Don’t Let Them Expire

The first is: how can you make sure you respond to enquiries in time?

It pays to know when you’re most likely to receive enquiries. Looking into the data from the past six months, it’s clear that 10am to 4pm is the busiest time of the day for receiving enquiries.

Although it makes up less than a third of the time that enquiries are submitted, this period counts for nearly two thirds of all enquiries sent through in a week.

As you’ve got 24 hours to respond, setting a reminder for yourself to check your enquiries at 1pm each day should make sure you don’t let any expire.

If you’re away, then you can use your account’s pause feature. During this time you won’t receive any enquiries, and so your Response Rating won’t decrease due to you not responding.


Accept More Enquiries

The second question is: how can you make sure you’re more likely to accept enquiries than reject them?

One way to do this is being specific with your Client Preferences.

If you’re only interested in clients of a certain wealth bracket, or only offer a certain method of advice, you can choose to only receive these types of enquiries.

The more specific you are with your Client Preferences, the greater the chance that enquiries you receive will be ones you’ll want to accept.

With these two factors considered, your Response Rating can boost your profile to new heights.

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Oliver Broadhurst
Oliver Broadhurst
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