Maximise your Business with Unbiased Pool

The Unbiased Pool is our latest business-boosting feature. So how can you maximise the opportunity?


What is the Unbiased Pool?

The Unbiased Pool is an online marketplace, stocked full of enquiries that are yet to find a professional - and with your Accountant Plus plan, you’ve got exclusive access. So how does it work?

When an enquiry is submitted through Unbiased, we perfectly match it with the best professional for them. However, if a professional isn’t looking to take on new business, the enquiry is now directed to the Pool.

With your Unbiased Plus account, you can search through these enquiries, preview their requirements in detail, and accept those most suited to you.

This puts you in control, giving you a greater opportunity to handpick the clients you want to grow your business.

For a short guide on exactly how to use the Pool, click here.


What sort of enquiries get directed to the Pool?

If these enquiries haven’t been accepted, then are they of poor quality?

Not at all - there are a number of factors that go into whether enquiries are accepted or not.

The professional may be at capacity and isn’t looking to take on new business right now. Or they could be in a position to be more selective about the type of enquiry they’re currently willing to accept.

For example, while a professional may ordinarily offer multiple methods of advice, they may only be interested in offering online advice at the moment. Or they’re now only looking for enquiries that fit a certain wealth bracket, and haven’t updated their client preferences to suit.


How do I maximise its business opportunities?

By taking a deep dive into enquiries over the past six months, we’ve found some trends to help you make the most of the Unbiased Pool.

A general point to note is that we receive accounting enquiries at all hours of the day, seven days a week. Setting a reminder to log in twice a day should make sure you don’t miss a potential client.

Of these enquiries, over 12% come through on Mondays between 10am and 4pm. To put this in perspective, almost half the number of enquires come through in the same period on Fridays.

Not only does this mean you should maximise this hotspot for your usual Unbiased activity, but also that this same period on Tuesday will be when the Pool becomes inundated with enquiries. Set a reminder to log in at this time to avoid forgetting.

There’s also a surprising trend on Sundays. Enquires sent between 9am and 8pm on this day make up nearly a tenth of all weekly enquiries, so be prepared for enquiries to flood the Pool on Monday.

If you’re after something even more specific, there’s a sudden spike in enquiries on Thursday at 12pm, and again at 3pm. Get your account ready on Friday lunchtime to take advantage of this.

The absolute peak time of the week is, unsurprisingly, Monday at 1pm. This makes up 2.5% of the week’s total enquiries, over four times the hourly average of 0.6%. So again, you’ll want to have your seat at the Pool ready for 1pm on Tuesday to get ahead of the competition.

The Pool is just one of many new features we’ll be rolling out, so stay tuned for more business boosters, exclusive to your Plus account.



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