Unbiased: Upgraded!

Our pro accounts are equipped with some powerful new features - here's how to make the most of them

We’ve upgraded our professional accounts to offer you great new features and an even better user experience.

Assisted by the valuable feedback of our professionals, we’ve streamlined our account dashboards and equipped users with a range of new client tools – so how can this upgrade help you grow your business?


New Client Tools

Professionals can now contact new clients directly within their account by using our brand new in-platform messaging tool.

Not only does this provide an additional, secure method of communication alongside the full client contact details offered by a new enquiry, but it also helps boost your client conversion.

Successfully converting new clients is influenced by the speed of response and the management of conversations - and our new in-platform messaging tool makes initial client contact faster than ever, while encouraging improved responses from new clients.

All communications are saved by client within one simple dashboard, so you can respond to new messages and manage conversations more efficiently.

Matching with new clients through our professional accounts is also even easier, with our new payment saving functionality.

By saving the credit card used to purchase new enquiries to your account, you can now accept new client enquiries in a single click, and use our messaging tool to engage with your new clients immediately.


Business Management

Not only is it now easier to manage client communications, but managing company-wide business performance is simpler than ever.

Our accounts now come with more advanced analytics software; tracking brand reach, client interest, and enquiry success across all branches a company may have. These metrics are also presented with comparisons to the wider market, enabling key strategic decisions to be made with all required information at hand.

All payments, billing, and invoices for all company branches can now be managed from a single login, and payment methods can be updated in seconds.

And to share the work of managing new client enquiries, business performance, company profiles, and payment methods, additional admins can be added to your account.

Once an admin is added, their permissions can be managed easily – with the options to allow access to managing enquiries, the company profile, and payments, or all three.

Permissions can be updated at any time in a single click, and companies with multiple branches can set bespoke permissions per individual branch.


Efficient Navigation

Our professional platform is now streamlined to make navigation more efficient, and company profiles, people, and plans can all be updated in one tab.

From the account homepage you can see all new enquiries and client messages for all branches, and instantly click through to accept enquiries and respond to new clients.

These upgrades are designed and implemented to provide the cutting-edge tech you need to grow your business, while providing a platform for further new features, tools, and upgrades over the next year.


For a complete guide to your new dashboard, professionals with a single branch can find one here, and companies with multiple branches can find one here.

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Oliver Broadhurst
Oliver Broadhurst
Oliver has been writing professionally in the financial services space for over five years, focusing on topics ranging from customer experience to industry regulation. He’s consulted with organisations such as UK Finance and the FCA to produce business articles, industry reports, and white papers, while providing insight as a member of panels including The Opening Banking Implementation Entity’s Consumer Group.

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