What are the best digital marketing channels for financial advisers?

Find the best digital marketing channels and tactics for financial advisers to expand their reach and build their brand.



  • Financial advisers tend to utilise a mix of digital marketing channels to maximise their reach.
  • Research from the DMA reveals that as of 2021, email marketing had an impressive ROI of 3,800%
  • Unbiased financial advisers benefit from our lead-generating software by being matched with potential clients.


How can financial advisers benefit from digital marketing? 

Financial advisers can use digital marketing strategies to enhance their firm's visibility, attract new clients, and strengthen relationships with existing ones. 


Here's how to boost your financial adviser marketing efforts online:


  1. Establish an eye-catching and robust online presence through a professional website and active social profiles to increase brand awareness and credibility.


  1. Use targeted advertising on platforms like Google Ads or social media to reach potential clients based on their demographics, interests, and online behaviour.


  1. Regularly publish valuable and authentic content, such as blog posts, videos, and webinars, to demonstrate expertise and build trust with prospects and clients.


  1. Use email marketing campaigns to help nurture leads and keep clients engaged with personalised content and updates.


What digital marketing channels are available? 

Digital marketing platforms are diverse, and financial advisers can use one or more to reach their target audience effectively. Cross-channel marketing helps to strengthen a brand's presence and is typically more effective. Here are some of the most utilised digital marketing channels:


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimises website content and structure to improve visibility and rankings on search engine results pages.


  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: PPC ads on search engines or social media platforms provide targeted advertising and budget control.


  • Social media marketing: Use social media, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, to connect with prospects, share content, and engage followers.


  • Content marketing: Create and distribute valuable, relevant content regularly, such as blog posts, articles, videos, shorts, and infographics, to draw and retain a target audience. 


  • Email marketing: Send personalised and targeted emails to prospects and clients to nurture leads, provide updates, and promote services and products. 


  • Display advertising: Place visual ads on websites, apps, and social media platforms to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.


  • Influencer marketing: Collaborate with industry experts and influential personalities to promote services or products to clients while increasing credibility and trust.


  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with other complementary businesses and individuals to cross-promote services and products in exchange for a commission on sales generated.


Is SEO for financial advisers?

SEO is a type of marketing for financial advisers to improve their website visibility and attract organic traffic. By consistently implementing the practices outlined below, financial advisers can attract qualified leads and establish themselves as authorities in the competitive financial services industry:


  • Relevant keywords.
  • High-quality and authentic content.
  • A user-friendly website.
  • Backlinks from trustworthy sources. 
  • Optimised meta tags.


Does paid search work for financial advisers?

Paid search, or PPC advertising, is an effective way for financial advisers to target their audience and reach qualified leads. By displaying ads at the beginning of search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords related to their services, advertisers can increase their visibility to potential clients actively searching for financial advice.


Additionally, PPC campaigns offer measurable results, allowing financial advisers to track clicks, conversions, and ROI to optimise their advertising efforts. Therefore, paid search can be valuable to a comprehensive digital financial adviser marketing strategy.


Is email marketing effective for financial advisers?

Email marketing is a beneficial tool for financial advisers and typically offers the most favourable return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing channels. By building and fostering an email list of prospects and clients, advisers can use email marketing to engage with their audience regularly, provide valuable, targeted content to segmented audiences, and stay top-of-mind with their clients.


Should financial advisers invest time in social media?

Financial advisers should invest time in social media advertising as it could help them engage with their audience, share valuable content, and establish thought leadership. Social media advertising offers precise targeting options that capture top-of-funnel audiences. Additionally, advisers can build brand awareness and credibility and attract potential clients by posting relevant content and interacting with their audience.


What other tools can financial advisers use? 

In addition to the channels outlined above, financial advisers can use various alternative tools and strategies to gain new leads and referrals and effectively manage their lead-generation efforts. Some of these include:


  • Attending networking events.
  • Implementing referral programmes.
  • Hosting educational webinars and workshops.
  • Utilising customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Using lead generation and management platforms like Unbiased to save time and streamline financial adviser marketing efforts. 


Want to work with Unbiased?

Any professional looking to expand their client base and improve their financial adviser marketing efforts needs to utilise a number of tools and strategies to ensure their success. As an adviser, you can leverage the channels outlined and use lead generation platforms and CRM software to enhance your visibility and attract and nurture new leads.


Adopting a comprehensive approach that includes online and offline strategies allows you to grow your business and establish yourself as a trusted industry expert. To facilitate your lead generation and management processes, partner with Unbiased Pro to access valuable resources and support to fuel your growth. 


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