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On our site you’ll find two kinds of financial adviser, independent financial advisers (IFAs) and ‘restricted whole of market‘ advisers.  We offer you only financial advisers who are able to ensure the best outcomes for their clients in terms of advice and products offered.  All financial advisers listed on our search are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and are qualified to the level required by FCA regulation.  All investment advisers on our search will be unable to accept commission as a form of payment removing any potential for bias in their product recommendations.

Independent financial advisers

IFAs will undertake a comprehensive and fair analysis of the whole of the market in order to make their personal recommendations to you.  The advice they give must be unbiased and unrestricted.  IFAs are able to advise on all financial products available in the relevant market, across all product areas and do not have any agreements in place with providers to recommend their products.

Restricted Whole of Market advisers

Confusingly there are different meanings to the term ‘restricted’ but advisers with this title will be restricted in some way and it is the adviser’s responsibility to clearly explain how their advice is restricted. lists advisers who offer ‘whole of market’ advice for specific areas of advice and they must review the whole market for the particular products on which they give advice.  So for example if you are talking to a ‘restricted whole of market’ adviser who offers protection products, they will consider all protection products available in the market when choosing one that fits your requirements, and they won’t just look at products offered by a few companies. These advisers are called ‘Restricted whole of market advisers’

Restricted advisers who are restricted by the number of provider’s products they can recommend are not shown on the search. believes that it is important for consumers that their financial advisers review the whole market for the financial products they recommend.  This means consumers are not compromised by the outcome being a ‘fait accompli’ before they even walk through the door of the adviser’s office, and should ensure that consumers are able to find the best financial solutions for their circumstances.  To help you make the right decision and choose which adviser is best for you use our ‘Choosing the right adviser’ checklist.

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