• Your two-minute guide to dividends

    Dividends can be the secret weapon in the investor’s armoury. What are they, what are the benefits and drawbacks, and – most importantly – what role can they play in your portfolio overall? Here’s a quick introduction to these tantalising payments. When you’re new to saving and investing, there seem to be two main avenues […]

  • Beat Brexit pension woes in 5 moves

    Annuity rates are at record lows and long-term uncertainty looms in the wake of the Brexit vote. How can you plan your retirement income under these conditions? Pensions expert Billy Burrows offers his own five-move solution for taking back control. Since the country voted for Brexit on 23 June there has been both good and […]

  • 5 ways to help hard-up students

    It’s not easy for students on a budget at the best of times. Now the National Student Money Survey 2016 has revealed many are caught short by student finance to the tune of £250 every month. This guest article from Save The Student offers a lifeline of financial tips for students and their parents. The […]

  • Your bucket list (with a twist)

    Do you have a list of things to do before you die? Then spare a thought for the ones who stand to inherit your worldly goods. If you don’t want them landed with a hefty inheritance tax bill, make sure you include these gems of wisdom in your bucket. Get married! You can’t stay young, […]

  • Why advice isn’t just a side-order

    Many pension providers are now insisting that scheme members take advice before accessing their benefits. More red tape? Far from it. Here’s why advice at retirement is not so much ‘optional extra’ as ‘must have’. Some phrases to make your blood boil. Ready? Booking fee. Processing charge. Would you like to reserve seats? Ticket postage. […]

  • Revealing the mystery of investment trusts

    Cash savings have their limitations. For a realistic chance of generating an income from your capital – especially in retirement – your adviser may recommend investing on the stock market. Investment trusts are one way to go about this – but what are they, and how do they work? An investment trust is a type […]

  • How well do you know your workplace pension?

    Many more of us are saving into workplace pensions – good! Very few of us take any further interest in those pensions – bad! By not looking more carefully at how your pension is invested, you could be missing out on tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in retirement. If you’re employed in […]

  • TaxAction 2016: The savings secrets every parent should know

    Britain’s children are losing out when it comes to tax-efficient saving. As part of TaxAction 2016 in partnership with Prudential, we explore the opportunities that are being missed, and reveal the single biggest advantage that children have over adults when it comes to long-term saving. At what age should children start saving? In their teens? […]

  • Four solutions to the annuity problem

    Pension annuity rates have been falling for some time – and the Brexit vote sent them tumbling still further. Can an annuity still provide could value for you in retirement, or should you explore other options? We take you through some ‘what if?’ scenarios to help you weigh up the alternatives to the traditional annuity. […]

  • The free money check-ups that can really pay off

    Unbiased is partnering with Moneyhub to help you understand your finances better. Besides inviting you to try out the revolutionary Moneyhub way of organising your money, we’re offering a range of free financial health checks to help you spot the opportunities you may never have considered. If you’ve never seen a financial adviser, or not for a while, […]