• Why you should be less confident with money

    How would you rate your confidence at making financial decisions? Good? Very good? Then here’s the bad news: overconfidence in one’s own judgement can be a major cause of costly mistakes. It’s all down to something called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Remember how Baldrick would triumphantly announce, ‘I have a cunning plan!’? Edmund Blackadder’s clueless sidekick […]

  • Annuities vs Drawdown – The Big Fight!

    In the blue corner, the long-reigning champion of retirement planning: the annuity! In the red corner, the challenger for the pension freedom crown: drawdown! But which is better? There’s only one way to find out. Some people enjoy a flutter now and then; others really aren’t keen on betting. But all of us will one […]

  • The growing pains of pension freedom

    Pension freedom is six months old today. So is it flourishing as we all hoped, or are there still some thorny issues to smooth out? Here’s an update on progress – and some useful insights for you. We’re half a year into the brave new world of pension reforms – so what do we think […]

  • Wake up and smell the cash

    Want to know one of life’s most expensive habits? It’s being lazy. You could be waving goodbye to a sizeable chunk of your income every year merely by not taking a few simple steps. Here are some of the most likely ways in which you could be losing by snoozing. Off the top of your […]

  • One foot in retirement

    When do you plan to retire? These days you might not answer with a date but with a timescale: over the next five, ten or even fifteen years. Thanks to pension freedom we are truly in the age of phased retirement – and it could be the secret to making your pension pot last longer. ‘I […]

  • Reasons to turn down free money

    Three years ago, the government introduced automatic enrolment in workplace pensions. As of the beginning of October, those who decided to opt out first time round will get a chance to reconsider. But here are some of the reasons why you might still say no to auto-enrolment. You misheard the question No, the boss wasn’t […]