• Bonfire of the bond markets?

    In recent years, bonds have become one of the go-to investments – because they do best when interest rates are at rock bottom, like now. But with so much money tied up in them, this begs the question of what could happen if interest rates begin to rise as predicted. Jonothan McColgan of Combined Financial […]

  • Does your Will look like this?

    I, Dylan Dally, being of sound but absent mind, do hereby forget to make my Last Will and Testament. I revoke, annul and cancel all previous appointments I made to see a solicitor about this, as the football was on. I am happy for all my wordly goods to be shared out with no regard […]

  • Solve your mortgage maze

    We’re well into ‘mortgage season’ – the peak time of year for buying a property. House prices are rising and competition is fierce. Whether you’re racing to secure your dream home, or simply struggling with a mortgage-related puzzle, it pays to keep these tips in mind. Mortgages are more elusive than they used to be. […]

  • Election aftermath: we do the maths!

    To general amazement, the UK elected a Conservative majority to form a new government. What could this mean for your money? Here’s a run-down of what’s happening now, what’s likely to happen, and what might. A pensioner in Glasgow staked £30,000 on the Conservatives winning a majority in the General Election, and duly raked in […]

  • Six tips for the new entrepreneur

    Everybody’s got a great business idea – but only a few succeed in turning their reverie into revenue. What’s their secret? So you’ve come up with a brilliant business proposition. What next? Many new ventures fail to get off the ground, not because they’re bad ideas but because the entrepreneur has misjudged the challenge or […]

  • Your bucket list (with a twist)

    Do you have a list of things to do before you die? Then spare a thought for the ones who stand to inherit your worldly goods. If you don’t want them landed with a hefty inheritance tax bill, make sure you include these gems of wisdom in your bucket. Get married! You can’t stay young, […]