• Home-buying cheat sheet – pt. 1

    You may be more-or-less familiar with the home-buying process, and you might be confident of getting a mortgage. But this uber-stressful experience can still trip you up many times before you get those keys (and afterwards, too). Be ready for anything with these lateral-thinking tips. Some house-buying advice might seem obvious, like making sure you […]

  • Your retirement garden

    Pension freedom brings many more opportunities for you to be green-fingered with your money. We’ve done the groundwork to help you find the best ways to dig into your retirement savings. Bob has no intention of spending his retirement pottering around an allotment. But his nephew Gareth – who happens to be a financial adviser […]

  • Pension ISAs – better or worse?

    Yet another radical shake-up of pensions has been proposed, which the media are dubbing the ‘Pension ISA’. It’s had a warm welcome in some quarters, but a very cool one in others. Would it really improve on the current system? We look at how it might work. A recent survey by accountancy firm PwC found […]

  • Will the cracks in China affect you?

    On Monday, frantic stockbrokers in China were staring at screens of green figures (green in China means falling prices). The resulting slump in global markets could affect us all to some extent – but not necessarily in a bad way. We should be used to stock market slumps by now – they happen regularly enough, […]

  • Do you want advice with that?

    Why financial advice at retirement is so much more than just a side-order. Some phrases to make your blood boil. Ready? Booking fee. Processing charge. Would you like to reserve seats? Ticket postage. Ticket postage for emailed tickets (really?). Whether you’re booking travel or entertainment, you’ll have come across these ‘optional extras’, which aren’t optional and […]

  • Think before you throw away thousands of pounds

    Are you planning to try sky-diving when you retire? Go ahead – you only live once. But whatever other crazy stunts you’re tempted by, don’t fall for the biggest retirement blunder… as so many are doing right now. Consider this. You’ve got a large sum of money, in a place when it earns a high […]