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Jan 17
Using our Connect tool to find your ideal adviser

Searching for an adviser can be daunting if you aren’t sure what to look for, or what kind of advice is available. The Unbiased Connect tool is designed to make the process quick and simple, so here’s a brief guide to using it in the most effective way. Choosing to seek financial advice is a

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Jan 16
10 tips for building your investment portfolio

Warren Buffett once said, ‘Investing is simple – but not easy.’ Carolyn Gowen of Bloomsbury Wealth offers ten simple tips to make investing that little bit easier – whoever you are. In investing there are no absolute right or wrong answers, only better or worse solutions.  Better solutions are founded in a process that encompasses

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Jan 12
Beware when buying income protection online

We all love price comparison sites – but they can let you down when you’re looking for suitable income protection. The biggest price comparison sites risk misdirecting visitors to unsuitable PPI cover or policies that offer only ‘suited occupation’ cover, says Tom Conner of Drewberry. More and more consumers are waking up to the need

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Jan 11
Five ways to turn over a new leaf

As part of our season of New Year tips, advisers from Armstrong Watson Financial Planning Ltd share their words of wisdom on building a financial plan for all seasons. What do you want out of life? In many ways, that’s the most important question you can ask yourself when you start to think about financial

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Jan 10
Your New Year money hacks

‘Resolution’ is such a heart-sink word – they usually last about as long as it takes to say it. So we’ve come up with some hacks instead, from the casebook of Becky Sugden, Chartered IFA at Gresham Wealth Management Ltd. Time to start a fresh page. We all know New Year is a time for

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Jan 09
Today’s the day for advice

On the first working Monday of the New Year, more people search for a financial adviser than on any other day. Will you be among them? Whether you’re saving, buying a home or drawing a pension, here’s how independent advice can give you the best possible start to 2017. Advice Day isn’t one of those

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Jan 06
Be a woman with a financial plan

We like to think we are becoming a more equal society, but women continue to face a particular set of challenges when it comes to managing their income and planning for the future. Jo Noon, head of Cockburn Lucas for Women, explains why women need to take a different approach when arranging their finances. A

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Jan 05
The fine balance of financial freedom

Planning your financial future is a tricky balancing act. Gemma Siddle, Chartered Financial Planner at Eldon Financial Planning Ltd, is here with some more New Year tips on how to give equal weight to your needs now and your goals later on. You have probably heard many times that the first step to financial freedom

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Jan 04
Take the ‘one life’ approach to your wealth

Just what is the best way to improve your finances in the long term? It doesn’t have to be about austerity and tightening your belt. Craig Palfrey of Penguin Wealth invites you to think differently about your finances in 2017, with a more philosophical approach.   Money is there to help you improve your life.

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Jan 03
New Year’s resolutions – and why you shouldn’t make any

The New Year is traditionally a time for changing your behaviour and setting out long-term plans. So why is Adrian Kidd – Lifestyle Financial Planner at Radcliffe Newlands – arguing against it? Here’s his alternative take on how to succeed in 2017. It is that dreaded time of year when you may have (drunkenly) spelt