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Oct 27
Your passport to #REALPensionFreedom

Whether you see retirement as one long holiday or as a fresh start, it will certainly be the journey of a lifetime. Will you end up where you want to be? In partnership with Unbiased, MetLife takes you through the most crucial stage of your journey: the final approach. When you think ‘retirement’, what image

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Oct 25
Are you ready for the savings crunch?

Years ago we had the credit crunch – will the savings crunch be next? A double-whammy of low interest rates coupled with inflation could cause your ‘safe’ cash savings to erode. Maybe it’s time to look at some alternative strategies. You know the traditional hierarchy of investments? (Actually, no. I have a life. Ed.) Well,

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Oct 18
Your quick guide to rounding up old pensions

What to do with your old pension plans?  Keep hold of them and hope for the best, or think about rolling them into one? Jaskarn Pawar, Independent Financial Planner, outlines the key points you should check before transferring old pensions into a single new plan.  When I meet a new client, I’ll often find that

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Oct 17
Where would your business be without you?

Many small businesses still don’t have key person insurance in place – and are putting their future in jeopardy as a result. Neil Adams of Drewberry Wealth Management explains why it’s increasingly a must-have. There are 5.4 million companies in the UK[1], with more than 90 per cent of these employing fewer than ten people.

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Oct 11
Your pension – plane or helicopter?

How will you set up your pension when your retire? Will it be something plain and simple, or a trickier (but more flexible) arrangement? These days it’s become harder to make your retirement plans take off – so find yourself a good co-pilot. Flying lessons in retirement, anyone? Why not – if your pension will

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Oct 10
Climbing the inheritance tax ladder

It’s not just house prices that are rising every year. Also increasing is the number of people whose families will have to pay inheritance tax. Are you being drawn into the net without knowing it – and if you are, what can you do to protect your family from a hefty bill? Most people never

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Oct 04
Gear up for the new pensions dashboard

The government has announced that a ‘pensions dashboard’ will appear in 2017. What is this new concept, is there mileage in it, and why should you be interested? We get you up to speed. Every wondered why it’s called a ‘dashboard’? The word dates back to the horse and cart, when a wooden board was

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Oct 03
5 startling facts about insurance payouts

What are the odds of your insurance company actually paying out on your claim? Two-to-one against? Better than that, or worse? A recent survey by Drewberry Insurance reveals that most people’s estimates are way, way off. So what’s the truth? Over the years, most of us have read stories along the lines of ‘Left Stranded

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Sep 28
7 ways to trim your inheritance tax bill

To mark TaxAction 2016 we tackle the maze of inheritance tax, and explain why it’s one of the biggest reasons to make your wishes legally binding. Is inheritance tax (IHT) still a thing? Yes, very much so. You may have heard the recent rumours of its death, in light of the government announcing a new ‘family

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Sep 27
You will regret having no Will

What happens if you die intestate – that is, without making a Will? You might assume that things will sort themselves out, but recent changes in the law could mean an outcome you just don’t want. Minesh Patel, Managing Director of EA Financial Solutions, explains the consequences of having no Will. If you haven’t yet