• Three ways to cope with losing buy-to-let tax relief

    If you’re a buy-to-let landlord, you must be feeling as if someone’s got it in for you. The recent Budget slashed tax relief, and then the Autumn Statement added extra stamp duty. How could it hit your profits and what can you do about it? Suddenly your property portfolio may not look so shiny. In two […]

  • 6 amazing money-spinners that worked

    (…and one that didn’t). If you ever come across a get-rich-quick scheme, be very suspicious – but once in a blue moon, someone comes up with a cunning plan that really does pay off. Here we salute those brave, ingenious and sometimes just lucky jackpot-hitters. Let’s face it, big money doesn’t impress us anymore. But […]

  • Why you MUST shop around for your annuity

    It’s a one-time purchase that affects your whole retirement, and you cannot change your mind later. So why on earth would you take the first one you’re offered? Most people are doing just that – and missing out on thousands of pounds. Annuities are like the prog rock of pension planning: deeply unfashionable, and they […]

  • Is this pension the best of both worlds?

    If you’re retiring soon, you face a tricky choice about how to access your pension. Do you fancy flexible, or do you prefer to play safe? You don’t necessarily have to take one option over the other, because a third way is growing in popularity: guaranteed drawdown. Retirement? Stress free? Pull the other one. Right […]

  • Can I take out my whole pension in one go?

    Pension freedom gives you full access to your pension pot from the age of 55. Technically, this means that you could withdraw the whole sum at once. But there are some big reasons why in most cases you wouldn’t want to do this. Article by Armstrong Watson Financial Planning. Is it really possible to take […]

  • 10 tips for letting out your holiday home

    Holiday homes are exempt from the new buy-to-let tax treatment, so if you have a cottage going spare then there could be sunny days ahead. The new tax treatment of buy-to-let property has hit many landlords hard. Under the old rules, landlords could claim tax relief on their mortgage payments at their marginal rate – […]