• Spring-clean your money this Bank Holiday

    The bank staff have drawn the blinds – but you don’t have to. Remember you promised to sort out your money as soon as you had a spare moment? Later you can go out and throw bread to the ducks, but first think about how well you’re feeding your savings. Our bank holidays in the UK date back […]

  • Will my workplace pension be protected?

    The turbulence affecting employers such as BHS and Tata Steel have drawn attention to these companies’ pension schemes. Both schemes are likely to need bailing out by the Pension Protection Fund. If you have this kind of pension, can you be sure it will stay afloat? Find out how well your benefits are protected. It’s getting rough […]

  • 10 things to do when you become your own boss

    Turning self-employed can bring a new lease of life. You’re no longer working for The Man and it’s all down to your own skills and vision. Just remember that running your own business is more satisfying, but also more challenging – so keep these tips to hand as you begin. The main attraction of starting […]

  • Women, it’s time to get tough on your pension

    Financial independence is a cornerstone of gender equality. Yet a majority of women are letting it slip through their fingers, by not saving enough into their pensions. But why do so many women overlook retirement planning – and what should you be doing about it? That women earn less on average than men will come […]

  • How an offset mortgage can set off your savings

    Is your income as unpredictable as the British weather? Savings interest rates getting you down? Are you wary of locking up your liquid assets in your home? Then you may be interested in a flexible way to borrow and save at the same time. Is it a bird? Is it a savings account? Is it a […]

  • Saving for a Lifetime

    We are in the midst of a savings revolution. In a few short years, both ISAs and pensions have been transformed beyond recognition – and more change may be yet to come. Stuart Dewin of Questa Chartered peers into the future to explore the latest options for savers. Two years ago George Osborne announced that […]

  • Panama or pension? The smarter way to pay less tax

    As part of the TaxAction 2016 campaign, and Prudential have released a new guide. Find out how and why your pension is so effective at saving you unnecessary tax. The headlines have been full of the Panama papers, amid speculation as to who has been trying to trim their tax bill. The irony is, […]

  • Mum really does know best (on inheritance tax)

    Stop the Press: David Cameron’s mother gifted him £200,000 in a possible bid to avoid inheritance tax. But what we demand to know is this: why don’t more people do the same? The non-story of the week was the revelation that David Cameron may not have to pay inheritance tax (IHT) on a £200k gift […]

  • Should you cash in your pension to buy-to-let? – Part 2

    In part 1, Steve Carlson of Carlson Wealth Management compared the returns of drawing from pension with that of buying a rental property. In this second part, he looks at the possible returns of doing both at the same time. When we last saw Mr Jones, he was horrified at the thought of paying £75,175 […]

  • Should you cash in your pension to buy-to-let?

    If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of the ‘silver landlords’, Steve Carlson of Carlson Wealth Management has plenty for you to think about. In the first of a two-parter, he compares the benefits of buy-to-let property with simply drawing money from a pension. So which is better – pension or property? I’m sure you’ve […]