• Why you should call your kids Bill

    Let’s face it, kids are expensive. Most of us don’t want to think about how much we’ll end up paying for our bundles of joy. The only silver lining is that all these expenses are predictable – so we should be able to plan for them. Unbelievably (or maybe not), the Centre for Economic and […]

  • A taste of healthy investing

    Just as an athlete needs a balanced diet to achieve peak fitness, you need balance in your investments. Here’s a quick digest of the different financial food groups, along with tips for combining them into your ideal money-building diet. Healthy living means healthy eating. The same is true when it comes to keeping your finances […]

  • Work out your dough

    Now is the perfect time to sweat your assets – it’s MoneyFit Week. Get into a new financial fitness regime and see how many pounds you could gain! Could your money gain more muscle tone? Can you improve your saving stamina? Is your pension pulling its weight? Discover the answer to all these questions and […]

  • Don’t suffer a pension hangover

    You can now draw out your whole pension pot in one go – at least in theory. But, like drinking a whole bottle of champagne, what might sound fun can end up being a headache. If you don’t want a tax-induced hangover, it pays to know your limits. A pension is far and away the […]

  • Pension drawdown and the melting snowball

    Living off an invested pension pot rather than buying an annuity could be a more flexible option for many people in retirement. The new freedoms make this possible – but no-one should underestimate the risks of running out of money. It could happen sooner than you think. At the risk of sounding like a stuck […]

  • Please release me (some equity)

    What is an equity release mortgage and how do they work? Why might you consider taking one out? Nick Walker, founding partner of FOCUS Independent Financial Advisers, explains a mortgage type that is seeing something of a rebirth. Back in the early 1990s equity release became virtually taboo, due to mortgages being effected on a […]