• Surviving the Dips of Drawdown

    Retirement isn’t just about making the right pension choices – it’s about making the right choices at the right time. If you don’t know whether to take the plunge into an annuity or a drawdown scheme, then two of the biggest factors will be preparation and timing. For many new pensioners, the start of pension freedom has been a […]

  • Should I Remortgage?

    Don’t think of your mortgage as a one-off purchase, but as an ongoing process that may need careful maintenance. Many homebuyers need to remortgage regularly in order to keep their loan affordable – do you? A cousin of mine is a mechanic with the RAC. One time he was called to a breakdown on the […]

  • A SPA Day to Stress You Out (the Women’s State Pension)

    Changes to the women’s state pension age (SPA) are triggering protests and petitions – but if you’re among those left in a precarious position, what can you do about it? Here we take a look at the problem and search for an answer. A lot of women are angry – and with good reason. A generation […]

  • Don’t Miss Out On Tax-Free Childcare

    Just in time for our TaxAction 2016 campaign, Ayesha Ping from NW Brown is here to remind us of the extra tax breaks available for those with children in childcare. Tax-free vouchers help to ensure that it’s the babies who are bouncing – not your cheques! The UK is bucking the trend in most of Europe […]

  • You Won’t Believe What Can Harm Your Credit Score

    When it comes to one of life’s biggest challenges – buying a home – your credit file can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. But maintaining a good credit history can be a tricky balancing act, and you may not realise how easy it is to make yours wobble by accident. There are many advantages to having […]