• Selling your annuity: 10 things to think about first

    The government has said that pensioners with annuities will be able to sell them on a newly-created market from April 2017. The idea is to extend pension freedom to those who have already bought annuities. But it won’t be an easy decision to make – and here’s why. When pensions became more flexible back in […]

  • The cost of not spotting a pension fraud

    The cost of retirement advice is generally around 1 to 2 per cent of a pension pot. The cost of a pension scam may be 100 per cent or even more. The latest research into the dangers of pension fraud should encourage everyone to sit down and do the maths. A recent study by Citizens Advice […]

  • How to steer your pension back on course

    From the age of 55 you now have full control of your pension. But has anyone told you how to drive it? Taking wrong turnings now could limit your options later on – so make sure you arrive safely in your chosen retirement by taking our quick pension driving course. Pensions are sometimes called ‘investment vehicles’. […]

  • Your home as retirement fund – the pros and cons

    New research suggests that homeowners are saving less into pensions than people who rent their properties. Some are clearly banking on their house as a source of money in later life – but when it comes to retirement, is property or a pension your best friend? Here’s a new one: if you own your own home, you […]

  • Are you a mortgage prisoner?

    George Osborne has pledged to tackle the issue of ‘mortgage prisoners’ – people who are trapped in an expensive mortgage because of regulations that stop them getting a cheaper one. If you’re in this ridiculous position, help may be on the way. Imagine asking to buy a meal costing £6, and being told you couldn’t […]

  • It’s back! The return of the 100% mortgage

    The prospect of obtaining a deposit-free mortgage has got prospective home-buyers very excited. But what do you need in order to take advantage of this springboard onto the property ladder?   If you’re struggling to get on the property ladder, you’ll know all about this infuriating catch-22. Which is: it’s usually more expensive to rent […]

  • Could your mortgage last longer than you do?

    The age limit for paying off some mortgages has risen to 85 – three years beyond current UK life expectancy. It’s good news for older people who may have feared lenders wouldn’t touch them, but what are the implications of your mortgage outliving not just your job, but you too?   Owning your own home […]

  • TaxAction 2016: Our 10 best tips for cutting your tax bill

    As part of our TaxAction 2016 campaign in partnership with Prudential, we bring you the ten top ideas for reducing your tax bill, as supplied by financial advisers listed at Unbiased. You don’t need a hedge fund to make your money grow fast – you just need to trim back the amount you waste every day […]

  • Are you a 40-year-old pension virgin?

    You may be well on the way to middle age, but some of life’s most important mysteries still remain unexplored. It’s natural to be shy about discussing it in public – but in this new era of pension freedom, practically everyone’s doing it. Shouldn’t you at least see what the fuss is about? You’ve reached […]

  • Life insurance: the ultimate ‘rainy-day fund’

    One of the reasons why you might save up is to safeguard your family against misfortune. But a rainy-day fund can only do so much. For a truly adequate level of protection, life insurance is often a better solution – and it’s more versatile than you might think. On the financial planning Scale of Excitement […]