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Dec 06
The life cover that can save your company cash

More than a quarter of estates passing on death contain an insurance policy, most commonly life insurance. However, there is one corner of the market that is often overlooked. Neil Adams of protection advisers Drewberry explains a less well-known product that can deliver better value for company directors: relevant life insurance. You may not have heard

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Dec 02
6 smart ways to manage your spending

Do you open bank statements with a sense of dread? Or can you often guess the balance to within a few pounds? If you’re thinking about taking financial advice, then prepare to know your spending habits like the back of your hand. Here’s how. What’s the most common problem to arise in a first meeting

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Dec 01
Insulate your money this winter

Did you know that we lose most of our savings through our heads? That’s right – because we don’t think about how much unnecessary tax we’re paying. Here are some ways to make sure your money is wrapped up tight, to keep out those (over) draughts. If your home loses heat, you lose money. We’ve

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Nov 25
The hidden message in the Autumn Statement

The Autumn Statement from Philip Hammond set out the Treasury’s plans to prepare the UK economy for the challenges of Brexit. We go through the Chancellor’s key announcements to tease out the underlying message he sent to workers, savers and pensioners. It seems like autumn is the time for JAM. That’s JAM as in ‘just

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Nov 22
Your 10-point plan for the perfect pension

Do you tend to plan your life, or just go with the flow? When it comes to ensuring you’ve got money to spend in retirement, the only way is planning. Whether you’re just starting your career or about to end it, here are the 10 best pension tips to live by. ‘Pension are for old

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Nov 18
Riding the Ups and Downs of Drawdown

Retirement isn’t just about making the right pension choices – it’s about making the right choices at the right time. If you don’t know whether to take the plunge into an annuity or a drawdown scheme, then two of the biggest factors will be preparation and timing. For many new pensioners, the start of pension freedom has been a

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Nov 16
Your chance to enhance your annuity

If you have a health condition or certain lifestyle issues, you may be entitled to more money in retirement. Currently around 1 in 5 who buy an annuity manage to get this ‘enhancement’ – but there’s evidence that three times as many people may qualify. Could you? An insurance company asks you ‘How’s your health?’

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Nov 15
The money confidence trick

How confident are you at managing your own money? Moderately? Very? That’s good, you might think. But here’s the sting: overconfidence in one’s own judgement is the biggest cause of costly mistakes – and it’s all down to something called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Remember how Baldrick would triumphantly announce, ‘I have a cunning plan!’? Edmund Blackadder’s clueless

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Nov 09
I’ve got the Power (of Attorney)

If you become unable to manage your own affairs, perhaps through illness, accident or simply old age, who will manage them for you? And will your family even be able to access your money? At any age or stage of life, it’s worth setting up Lasting Power of Attorney. If you forget to make a

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Nov 08
Rising inflation – what does it mean for your money?

Why could our grandparents buy sweets for a ha’penny, but children’s pocket-money is now measured in pounds? It’s all to do with inflation – and your savings, investments and pensions may soon begin to feel the pinch. Article by Armstrong Watson. It’s often said that inflation is the enemy of the investor – and they