Why use a professional adviser?

Most of us would take our car to the garage for a service, use a builder for the new conservatory or get a dentist to sort out our fillings – so why not take the same approach to the really serious matters that professional advisers can help you with?

Whether it’s a pension to help you achieve a comfortable retirement, or a will that’s properly written and legally binding, the benefits of taking advice from a qualified and experienced professional in their field is likely to far outweigh the initial cost – especially when you consider that you will be living with the consequences of those decisions for years, if not decades to come.

Many advisers won’t charge you for an initial consultation - this is their chance to understand your circumstances and issues, as well as your opportunity to find out more about them:  their qualifications, the way they work with their clients, how they charge and most importantly of all, what they will do for you and how this will benefit you.

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Types of adviser

Financial advice comes in many shapes and forms – starting from when your parents encourage you to save up your pocket money to buy a new bike or game.  Once you reach the point in life where you are responsible for your own financial security, probably when you start earning a salary from a full time job, you’ll need to start taking more serious decisions about what to do with your money to help you reach the goals you have in life.  This is the time to talk to a professional, not the man in the pub.

Our research has shown that people who have taken independent financial advice have better pensions, a higher value of investments and more confidence in the financial decisions they have made.

We firmly believe it’s never too soon to start your savings plan – whether it’s for a deposit on your first home or saving for a comfortable retirement, a financial adviser is better placed to make sure your money is working at its hardest for you.  An IFA will also be able to look at your financial circumstances ‘in the round’ and help you with all aspects of financial planning, to make sure you are tax efficient and financially healthy!

Buying your first home?  Remortgaging for better rates or more affordable repayments?  If so, no doubt you will have dipped a toe into the turbulent waters of the mortgage market.  With interest rates still relatively low, and lenders being more cautious than in previous years, you could get a much better mortgage deal with the help of a qualified and experienced mortgage adviser.

Mortgage advisers may have access to deals you won’t find on the open market, and they may be able to negotiate special terms on your behalf.  If you have problems with your credit history, you’re self employed or need a special kind of mortgage like a ‘self build’ this is where a mortgage adviser’s knowledge and expertise will really pay off.

If you are nursing an ambition to become a property tycoon (or maybe you already are one), a mortgage adviser can help ensure that you get the right mortgage to suit your needs, so you can get started on building up that property portfolio.

Even if you have only simple needs, your mortgage adviser can guide you through the process of finding the right mortgage, one appropriate for your income and credit rating and they’ll help you work out how much you can afford each month in repayments.  They’ll also be able to advise you on whether a repayment mortgage or an interest only one is better for you.

It’s tempting to say that solicitors aren’t here just for the nasty things in life – like divorce or getting compensation for an injury.  And indeed this is true – a solicitor can help you with conveyancing when you buy your home or make sure you’ve got a valid will sorted out to pass on your treasured possessions to those you wish.

However in reality most people only take legal advice when something has happened that they need legal advice to sort out.  This is the time that you’ll be grateful for someone who is professional, knowledgeable and able to understand the problems you are facing.  Whether it’s a dispute with your neighbours over a boundary line or a problem at work, a lawyer with expertise in the relevant area is exactly what you need working on your behalf.

Don’t forget that a lawyer can help your business as well – anything from advising you on the best structure for your business (self employed, partnership, limited company) to drawing up your staff contracts to comply with current legislation or even company takeovers!  Lawyers who work with businesses build up a bank of knowledge based on their experience with a range of different companies and people – and all the problems and pitfalls they encounter – and they can bring their expertise to your business.

If you have income from several sources you may find that it’s worth your while using an accountant to help you out with your tax return, and indeed to help you with tax planning for future years.  They’ll be able to keep you up to date with changes in the tax free allowances for income and other things like Capital Gains Tax and if you’re selling off your assets, they’ll be able to make sure you don’t pay more tax than necessary by advising on the best times to sell.

And if you have a business, small or large, accountants can provide a number of services to help your company.  From running your payroll to preparing your year end accounts and company tax returns, you’ll find that using their skill and knowledge will benefit your business.  Why not find a local accountant and have a chat with them to see if they think they can add value to your business?

Why use our advisers?

  • Experienced advisers giving you confidence and peace of mind
  • Regulated and highly qualified advisers
  • Gain professional help with financial and legal matters - achieve your goals
  • Access the best products and deals in the market
  • Can leave you better off and save you time
  • Advisers are unbiased and provide an independent service in your best interest
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