Mortgage adviser

A mortgage adviser (or mortgage broker) can help you secure the best mortgage for you. Taking independent advice can make the difference between a successful mortgage application and being rejected. You may also save thousands over the mortgage term by obtaining a better deal.

Why is it better to use a mortgage adviser?

An independent mortgage adviser is not restricted to any particular providers, so you know that the deal they recommend will deliver the best value for you. A mortgage adviser will also:

  • Explain the various mortgages available and the different types of deals
  • Help you work out what you can afford to borrow
  • Search the whole of the market to find the most suitable mortgage
  • Prepare you for your application to boost your chances of success

A mortgage adviser can also help you in later life if you want to release equity from your home as income, for example using a lifetime mortgage.

We’ll help you find the right mortgage adviser to help you in your home purchase, remortgage or equity release.

Finding your mortgage adviser on Unbiased

There are two ways to find a mortgage adviser on Unbiased.

The first way is to use our Connect tool. Just enter some details about your circumstances and requirements, and our system will match you with the nearest suitable adviser. You should get a match within 48 hours (often it’s much quicker).

The second way is to search and browse. Enter your postcode to see a list of mortgage advisers in order of distance from you. You can then refine your search (e.g. to find advisers with specialist experience or particular qualifications).

Your first meeting

When you’ve found a suitable adviser, you can use our mortgage checklist to help you prepare for your first meeting – it will save a lot of time and help you maximise your chances of a successful application. Take the completed checklist along to the meeting – your adviser can help you to fill in any areas you’re unsure about.

Ask your adviser whether they can source direct deals (these may offer special rates or discounts). If your adviser recommends a particular mortgage to you, ask them to explain in detail why this deal is most suitable for you.

A good mortgage adviser may also offer useful tips and guidance throughout the home-buying process, so it is good to find an adviser with whom you get along well.