We’ll help you find the ideal financial adviser for your needs.

Financial decisions are big decisions, and they may not happen very often. This means you don’t get much practice at making some of life’s most important choices. This is why independent financial advice is so important. The expertise and impartiality of a qualified IFA lets you take control of these decisions with complete confidence.

Besides being essential at the point of retirement, financial advice is also very useful when facing many other challenges such as starting a new job, raising a family, running a business and receiving or leaving an inheritance.

What areas can advisers help with? 

We’ve helped more than 10 million people to find unbiased advice for a range of different challenges, across every stage of life:

Financial planning 

An IFA can help to give independent advice on savings and investing, long-term financial goals for your family, life insurance and illness cover, wealth management, inheritance planning and more.

Pensions & retirement 

From the moment you start saving into pensions to the day you start to access them, an IFA can help you make the most of the tax advantages, avoid the pitfalls and ensure your money goes the distance.


Whether you’re already an experienced investor or a newcomer looking for a better return on your cash, an IFA can help you assess your risk tolerance and identify the right blend of assets to build a fully balanced portfolio for you.

Running a business

If you run a business or are otherwise self-employed, your finances can become complicated and are often challenging to manage. An IFA can help you maintain focus on your personal finances while obtaining the best value from your business.


Unbiased can also connect you to an independent mortgage broker to help with buying your first home, remortgaging, upsizing, buying to let or even helping your children onto the property ladder.

Specialist financial advice

Looking for something else? Unbiased can find you an IFA with the specialist skills you need. Our smart system can connect you with experts in long-term care, expatriate finances, tax planning, trusts, Sharia finance and much more.