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Jul 17
5 tips for brilliant bookkeeping

If it’s your goal to grow a thriving business, it’s vital to have a safe pair of hands handling the accounts. Inaccurate bookkeeping can harm your business and can even result in severe penalties – but having strong financial statements can save you in many different ways.

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Jul 10
Smart scenario planning for SMEs

It used to be the preserve of big businesses – using sophisticated financial models to plot possible future business outcomes. But modern accounting is levelling the playing field. Rachel Lawrence of accountants Albert Goodman LLP explains why scenario planning isn’t just for the big boys.

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Apr 24
Every tax return tells a story

Is Sherlock Holmes’s hat tax-deductible? Does Mary Poppins claim for professional indemnity insurance? The tax returns of fiction’s greatest heroes and villains have been a closed book – until now! We bring you the most page-turning guide to self-employed expenses you’ll ever read.

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Apr 04
10 reasons to love your accountant

Behind every great entrepreneur is an equally clever accountant. But it’s not just business owners who need them now. With more and more people making money from multiple sources and potentially paying too much tax, isn’t it about time you found a hot-shot accountant of your own?