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Nov 03
Why annuities are down – but not out

There’s never been a worse time to buy an annuity – a guaranteed income for life. Yet ironically, the reasons to want a guaranteed income have rarely been greater. So can they still be good value in retirement or not? Pensions expert Billy Burrows tells you what you need to know about annuities today. Back

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Aug 01
Four solutions to the annuity problem

Pension annuity rates have been falling for some time – and the Brexit vote sent them tumbling still further. Can an annuity still provide could value for you in retirement, or should you explore other options? We take you through some ‘what if?’ scenarios to help you weigh up the alternatives to the traditional annuity.

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Mar 08
GAR! I missed out on mine!

Do you have a GAR? Have you checked, just in case? Do you know what a GAR is? Well, what it could be is a way to double or even triple your retirement income – so if you have one, you need to hang on to that GAR with tooth and claw. We know a lucky chap. Plenty